Battlefield 4 Video Review

Been playing Battlefield 4 since launch and of course I couldn’t get all of the things I wanted to say on the video but as of now Dice is working hard to fix the net code. That is the core mechanics of the game. As of now there is a problem with the Single player campaign. Some people are reporting freezing and crashing consoles. Both PS3 and Xbox 360. Also there are reports of the Single campaign not saving the missions and starting you from the beginning. I am personally experiencing that.

Then to add more salt on the wound we have the Lag for some kills. I personally haven’t had that issue thank God but on Youtube many have documented their frustration. Does this take away from the game. Almost. Like BF3 they gonna patch the hell out of this game until they get it right. I am personally pissed. What happened to the days of bringing out a game working. Geez. Ah well I guess I will see you on the Battlefield!


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