Hunter X Hunter 99 & 100 Anime Chick Review!!!

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I know you are probably wondering what ever happened to the Anime Chick. Well Jody been busy with life. So what did I do. I plugged her back in the matrix and decided to tie her in the basement with a ball and chain. Well she had alot to say about the Hunter X Hunter episodes that she totally had to catch up on.

Episode 99

This episode of hunter x hunter was pretty dope and beast, Gon had to fight off 2 kimeric ants a bat and a howl a bulky looking bad ass dude. I really like the angle of this episode, because it actually lets us have some fun with kimeric ants and the battles. It was pretty cool to see what the ants were made of in this episode, the fighting seen of this episode was epic, to see Gon get his ass handed to him at first with the perfect in sync that the bat and the howl had together was kind of interesting, but in the end my man Gon figured it out and beat ass in the end.

Peak-a-boo I see you!!
Peak-a-boo I see you!!

Gon was mad sick beating these guys; he first blasted the bat to this wall looking thing, and then hit the howl with a rock paper scissors to like another dimension I was like damn.

Yeah he definitely is gone.
Yeah he definitely is gone.

Then we have Killua he is causing all kind of problems letting the citizens know about the whole Hago situation, but the Ants found out about it and nefferpitto he’s tripping out about the whole situation so they were back and forth with the whole dilemma cause the king knew it was a trap to lure him out, but the tiger dude steps up and said that he want to return the favor for letting them in, but the royal guard members don’t trust him one bit, I mean come on I myself wouldn’t trust him, he looks like he has something up his sleeves. Moral didn’t know what they were having the convocation about and um they needed precipitator to capture the squadron leaders, it’s like a big conspiracy going on, everyone looking for everyone to fail. Then Nefferpitto uses like his puppet magic to control all the people to stay indoors and pretty much lock down the whole garrison, he had everyone isolated from the rest of the world which is some B.S to me. The interesting thing is how smart the Ants are they, not only are they prepare for what is about to come but they know about it too they are in it also.

Episode 100

I think that this episode was crazy sick, it was the peanut butter to my jelly if you know what I mean, this episode was really awesome, it had a lot of really cool action, I think that it also display why Hunter Hunter is one of the best anime out there now. The stand out of this episode is Killua who is one of the coolest character in this series, he has this mysterious thing about him and he is always one step ahead of Gon in his fighting, this episode shows how completely powerful he is and also frigging messed up he can be.


First of knuckle and Cho is trying to track down cheatto, but it looks like the other ant members warned him about it, there is a really crazy scene between Leo and Cheatto, this week Gon found out that he was being followed by the weird creepy chameleon Chimera Ant that want to somehow team up with Gon and Killua, but enough about that, holy crap did Killua had it in for him in this episode with the Chimera Ants he kicked ass in this episode fighting a ton of these ants. I expressly love the fight with the crazy people in this episode, he was fighting like a doom beetle that was literally on shit, and he farted and the whole thing explode that really pissed Killua off to the max.

No one farts on me and lives... NO ONE!!!
No one farts on me and lives… NO ONE!!!

Killua was a real bas ass in this episode he basically like kill all the ants that he was fighting with their own weapon, this dude was moving so fast they never saw it coming. Killua was really epic in this episode, the last fight was with this man on a cliff that had some kind of balloon sack weapon that shots like bullets at you, but they wasn’t really bullets. The fight scene in this episode was mass, I think that he showed that he was a bad ass and can do what he sets his mind to, and Hunter X Hunter episode 99 and 100 was crazy!

Trap you say... I don't care. All that matters is your death.
Trap you say… I don’t care. All that matters is your death.

See you next time you crazy Hunter X Hunter fans.

The Anime chick will be catching up with the Hunter X Hunter reviews and look out for our in depth video review of Attack on Titan. Yes the most epic Anime I have ever saw in a while. Will be calling out some of my anime friends and scholars to help with it. Don’t worry anime chick will be there. Stay tuned!!!


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