Carib Gamer Chick of the Month


Like Ash the Pokemon master I am trying to catch them all. Sometimes you have to look in the most obvious places. I speak of iKonnect internet and gaming Cafe. Hidden there is another gamer gem that in my opinion has the nicest personality of a gamer girl. Now I know you read the headline and wonder… we moved from week to month. Well…… Finding them seem to be very hard. Then when ya find um pray to God they aren’t scared to be honored as a rare treasure of the Caribbean.

She got that model swag on point but underneath it all she is a gamer to the bone!
She got that model swag on point but underneath it all she is a gamer to the bone!

I present to you Alexandra. A wonderful person and of course dead gorgeous. I had a chance to talk to her and get to know about her long rooted gaming genes.

  1. What kind of gamer are you?

Mainly I’m a fighter and a strategist gamer. It just doesn’t matter if its a console, PC or handheld.

  1. What kind of games do you play?

I just love my tekken, street fighter, Smash Brothers(any) and injustice. When it comes to fighting games, I’m soo there. Those beloved Tatsunoko, Capcom and Marvel. I even play and watch Naruto Shippuden, which is one of the best anime of our time. And PC games, I just can’t deny playing League of Legends, Star Wars Old Republic and Pokemon Showdown(The new Shoddi Battle).

  1. How much years have you been playing for?

That’s a tough question. I’ve been born into gaming basically. My mother always had the old Gameboy (original not colour), NES and Dreamcast before I was even brought into this world and when I started on those games, she got fed up and bought me my own lol. My father was always an Xbox and PC game fan. So basically, my parents never denied buying me a new game or console. So… my answer would be… all my life (19 yrs).. lol

  1. Do you like playing alone?

I like both actually. I’m not always into the competitive scene but when I am, you better watch out. 🙂

  1. What comes first modeling or gaming?

Hah! That’s funny, Gaming of course! Sometimes I’m hunging so much that eating or having a drink doesn’t even cross my mind.

  1. Do you feel that you are intimidating playing guys?

Actually, I really think I do. I keep my head held high, determined and I got the skills to back up my mouth. When I have my wins, they take it very hard that a girl beat them though

If you have the chance on meeting her you will be greeted with a Nintendo 3DS playing the new Pokemon X & Y. Alex is very friendly and love talking about anime. Yes she is an anime junky just like me. Funny how back in my time nerds and geeks was at the bottom of the social food chain. Now the culture accept us as trend setters. I guess deep down we are all nerds and geeks. I leave you with this pic and thoughtful saying by Yoda.
Powerful you have become, the darkside I sense in you!
Powerful you have become, the darkside I sense in you!

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