Hunter x Hunter 104 Anime Chick Review


Anime Chick is on a ball!!! Not only is she dead gorgeous but an awesome writer. She got us another Hunter X Hunter review. I agree with her about this episode. Lets dig in.

Dude was a complete idiot.
Dude was a complete idiot.

There wasn’t a whole lot in this episode, although it was very decent. We saw more of the abilities, retardedness of Cheetu. This episode was very slow pace, basically the king he is enjoying the company of a human, I think that he is more grounded and distracted with this human, but the main focus was on Moral and Cheetu their fight was not how I expected it to go. They had no clear winner of this fight, but I think that Moral did kick some butt; I think that one should have died but unfortunately none did, Cheetu lost the fight and for that I think that he should have died. I think that the way he got away was somewhat fishy to me, he turned into grass and slide away, I do hope that moral have something plan for him, because knowing Cheetu he will get another power and or find an ace up his sleeves to get by at moral. This disappoint me very much, Cheetu ass should have been done with, like goodbye get the hell out man, we don’t need to see you anymore, but no. This fight took too long and the way it was set up you would think that there would be a clear winner but no.

LOL He didn't see that coming...
LOL He didn’t see that coming…

Nob’s ability is a great thing to have I think, he has a way to evade and maneuver though any situation, escape wise its good, offence wise not so much, that lion’s ability, that dude can be very deadly, I think that if he have the opportunity to wipe the king’s ass and get his ability, he could be one bad you know who, but I don’t think that he would. He just don’t seem to be that type of guy. Overall the fight with Cheetu and Moral was good, the episode itself was well throughout and easy to follow. Until next time you crazy Hunter X Hunter fans.

This little girl is PWNING!!! me....but I like it..
This little girl is PWNING!!! me….but I like it..

See ya soon.

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