Naruto Give up the Ghost Shippuuden 340 Review


Buckle up my fellow naruto fans. This episode packed a punch. Once again that ninja named Madara is just to much. Not only that coming to the end of the episode we was greeted with a very interesting spoiler for the next episode. lets dig in.


Like the 4th of July they light up the sky!

One thing that gave everyone a breath of relief was to know that the reanimation jutsu has been un done. All of the reanimated corpse began their journey back to the after life. All complied to going home and even had a chance to say goodbye. yep it was a very touching moment for many ninjas. All except the beast Madara. This dude is like the evil Mr. Rogers. He run that neighborhood like a boss.


I don’t think God got the memo but I ain’t ready to go just yet!

This part was hilarious. As soon as Madara realized that the jutsu was undone he already had a plan in mind. Once again just when he was about to finish off the Kages he was interrupted. What luck for the Kages…or so it seem. So in a last desperate attempt from Madara he clings on to the ghost and sends out fireball cats. Yes he can shoot hot pussy from his mouth.


Hot Sabertooth looking pussy fireballs


I will deflect the hot fireball pussy!!


It to hot for me…


I have to save my woman!!! Ghost Jutsu!!


That is right! Dead boyfriend saved her from eminent death. Shoot I would of got my freak on as soon as I scooped her up. Just saying…


Hey Madara guess what! I got the kiss of life. You know that song from Sade. Yeah I can feel the righteousness surging!!


Oh you got jokes…OK just for that I am immortal. BOOM you gonna see your dead boyfriend just now!

I am telling you I wish I made this stuff up. Madara is immortal. Unlimited amount of chakra. Just a walking epic killing machine. Sucks to be in front of him right now. Wait it gets better. My boy Naruto stunting on Obito right about now!




Yeah I’m talking to you masked man! Take off the mask and let me see how stupid you look!

That boy Naruto don’t when to hold his tongue. I guess he can do that. Well the Gedo statue done eat some sensu beans. Like it bout to throw down the smack down. Obito do seem a little on edge right about now. He lost the element of the reanimation. So what is left. I guess we will see what he has planned next. I know it won’t be anything pretty.

Which brings me to the end of the episode. Sasuke is standing there thinking about what he is now. His brother finally released the burden off his shoulders and gave him the truth. What he will do with it is up to him. I personally think he still gonna act the fool as usual but at a very define moment he will gain some common sense and do the right thing. So what was the spoiler I spoke of at the beginning of the review. Well Mr. Sasuke and his friends got together in the cave and now made plans to find Orichimaru. That is right. He is alive. This man just won’t die. How he will come back is beyond me. All I know the next episode will prove to be another epic episode we have to watch.


So this is the plan. Bring Orochimaru from the dead. Ok. Good. Lets bounce.

All in all this was another great episode to watch. Lots of action and juicy details bringing this epic battle to life. Will the Kages be obliterated by the indestructible Madara? Will Kabotu ever leave the endless loop? Will Naruto dump Sakura and go for Hinata? Will Orochimaru come to life through a rebirth like a snake? Will Obito finally take off the mask? So much questions! So till the next time stay frosty!


SMH…Got bring out the perfect Susanoo again. What a waste.

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