Ok folks I can feel the righteousness surging! I am so digging this episode. Not because we get to finally see some back story of the masked man and the relationship with Kakashi. Hey maybe we get to unmask Kakashi….That is asking for to much right…but lets dig in this awesome episode.


Like a boss Naruto bout to put the beef on the Gedo statue.


Epic cock block from the masked man. Guess Naruto have to deal with him first….

This was a very interesting fight right here. Kakashi, Mighty Guy, Killer Bee and Naruto going up against the masked man. Now I won’t lie Mighty Guy is a beast. When it comes to close quarters combat he is very entertaining to watch fight. I know he reminds me of the legend Bruce Lee but when he pulled out the nun chucks… I was like AWWWW YEAAAHHH! Couldn’t help but squeal like spongebob. Then when he bust the pose, church out! Get the offering plate right now.


Water can flow or crash. Be like water my friend.

So after a very nice fight scene and lots of close calls we have the problem that I knew would be something only Kakashi could figure out. Why because he like the Sherlock Holmes of the narutoverse. So my dear Watson lets gather all the facts. When you are about to hit him he disappears. He is only solid when he is sucking you in. So how do you hit him. Well I am not sure. So lets ask Sherlock Holmes.


Yo this sucks. He got that MC Hammer can’t touch this jutsu on blast!


Eureka! I figured out how we can hit him…


What! Yeah how you like me now!! Yo Kakashi get the lube ready cause I bout to rape this fool!!

Just between us I think the masked man was in jail. I am so serious it isn’t funny. Lets look at the evidence. He don’t like being touched. He got his “soap” on a rope. He wants to change reality and put everyone in a dream. You know like someone who was “traumatized” once. Who see reality as something that needs to be changed. Meh…. either way The four ninjas finally got the masked man hit and now things get personal. That is right Kakashi realized his eye is linked with the transportation jutsu. Then the truth starts to sink in. Like a hit in the stomach Kakashi starts to feel weak. Dude start sweating and ting. Kakashi asked him where he got his eye from and just like that he soon realized who he is fighting against. I almost thought we was gonna get a flashback but no…. I mean really! When we want a flash back we don’t get it. But yet we get one of Kabuto.


So no flashback. Just a pic of a bridge. Thank you. I needed that.

So we have a little chit chat between the masked man and Naruto. Both getting vex and guess what. Nine Tails heard just about enough. I telling you he like the Mob Boss. When he talk he shutting down operations left right and center.


Naruto leh we switch mehson. Dis man a chat to much. He mouth a run like diarrhea.

So like every good episode we stop right when things bout to get turnt up! I love the next episode. The mask is finally off. We about to get into some real good reveals coming next week. I can’t wait to see how that unfolds. So till then stay frosty!