Deadpool vs Carnage!!


I usually don’t read Marvel but when I do it is about Deadpool ( or Superior Spiderman ) and when I saw this news about this clash I had to share it. If you ask me I feel bad for Carnage. We all know Deadpool got this. The merc with a mouth gonna totally wipe the floor with Carnage. Don’t go looking for this online or the local comic book store just yet. This will be releasing April 2014. It will be a 4 part mini series. Having these to cross paths now is perfect timing.

Hopefully they would have Spiderman and Venom on the side sharing a box of popcorn while Carnage and Deadpool thug it out. I am so looking forward to the New 52 Batman issue #27. With the developments of the death of his son Damian Wayne things are getting personal. Sorry this is about Marvel. So anyway will keep up with this as it drops. Looks real good!

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