Carib Gamer Most Anticipated Games for 2014

naruto boss
Winning the best out of 5 Naruto Matches against a rival on Facebook
Just won his first NBA2k14 game on the PS4!
Just won his first NBA2k14 game on the PS4!

That is right. Taking tags and tea bagging we hold the belt and undefeated! I am just clowning. As you can see those are the games I am really excited about. I still don’t own a next gen console but as time goes by I will be getting one. To be honest Titanfall got my interest the most. Game look to awesome to pass up on. Carib Gamer is always about building the gaming community. 2014 is already shaping up to be a great year for gmaers. What games are you looking forward to? What ever it is may you enjoy it

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