My Condolences to Masashi Kishimoto



Hey there Naruto Fans. I know I am pretty late for this but I just found out about the passing of Masashi Kishimoto’s father. If you are not aware of this join me as we have a moment of silence for his father.

I don’t really follow the manga because I  love the anime so much but because of this event he will take a break from the manga for a while. I know we can understand this. I can only imagine what he may be going through. One can only stipulate how his emotion will spill over in his work. With all this hurt things may get shaken up in the narutoverse. After releasing Naruto Manga 662, Kishimoto is going on break. The manga will continue in the 11th Weekly Shonen Jump. His father died on the 18th of January 2014. Losing a loved one is always rough. So if you know his twitter account or his physical mailing address send your love and condolences.


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