Naruto Extra Ramen Shippuuden 347 Review


Epic Fail on my part. Yes I totally missed this one. There was a second episode. Talk about a second helping of good ramen! So lets pick up where I left off.

What is more important? Me or Boobies?
What is more important? Me or Boobies?

We have the young Kakashi feeling soggy. Yeah I mean the man literally killed his best friend and woke up seeing a bunch of dead bodies all around him. Yeah I would of totally been sad. Lucky for him the baddest pimp in the Hidden Leaf village was there to keep him company. What I find interesting with this episode is how they give us a little glimpse into the mysterious history of Kakashi. One thing with him is that Sasuke share the same kind of attitude that made him an A class douche bag. Watching Pervy Sage checking out he sweet babes while talking the facts of life with Kakashi was hilarious.

Can't a man read porn in peace...geez
Can’t a man read porn in peace…geez
You wouldn't like me when I am angry!!!
You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry!!!

Then we shift gears to Nagato. The man with the rinnegan eyes. Throughout the episode we realize how powerful he is. The man literally summoned the Gedo statue. Once he see his friends in danger he go critical. Man like a walking time bomb. So to make things more interesting is that all through the Akatsuki campaign of peace without killing anyone. The one and only mega douche bag of the century taken down by the junior douche bag Sasuke, ladies and gentlemen I present to you Danzo!

Peace. Hmph There can be no peace. My douche bag jutsu will prevent peace!
Peace. Hmph There can be no peace. My douche bag jutsu will prevent peace!

Yes folks! This man single handily made the Akatsuki his personal enemy. I am glad Sasuke killed him. This man was a douche bag from the day he was born. I know there is a bad guy in all of us but come on man. This dude lied, manipulated and killed to get what. A bunch of eyes so he can be the baddest Hokage. Thank God he wasn’t Hokage long enough to have his head on the mountain. So anyway long and short he starting another mini war. This is where things will get ugly for the Akatsuki. Danzo has manipulated Hanzo. Got him thinking they are responsible for bringing war by the sword and not peace. This is when we have the seed of revenge and hatred being used to fuel war. That is Danzo “MO”. Light the fire and then fan the flame and watch other countries kill off each other. I am so glad he is dead. Dude was just evil. Him and Kabuto are on top of my list of the least favorite characters.

Ramen and fish!!! Yum!!
Ramen and fish!!! Yum!!

Sorry that I missed this episode but it caught me off guard. Thursday is right around the corner and I saw that we will be getting an arc episode soon. The Kakashi Anbu Arc. That will air February 6th. That will be good. The series is getting exciting and we are finally getting alot of answers. We don’t have to guess and have fights over certain areas of the anime. Although I know in the Manga there are many more things to be revealed. I know this is just the icing on the cake. So sit back and relax. Naruto has picked up steam and the train ain’t stopping no time soon. So till then stay frosty!


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