Naruto Pain Shippuuden 348 Review


When you look at the events that brought us here it only makes you appreciate the story even more. As I watched how Pain changed his ideals and embraced the idea of Project Tsuki No Me I understand. It made me go back to the Pain Arc. Episode 173 and 174 to be exact. When Naruto spoke to Pain and made him remember what Yahiko believed in. True Peace.

Yo big man I need to hook up with a chick ASAP!
Yo big man I need to hook up with a chick ASAP!

We start off the episode with Nagato and Yahiko talking about their cause. Seeing that each victory brings nothing but pain. You can sense that morale was low and Yahiko was feeling guilty about taking a life. Everyone knew Nagato was powerful. At that time no one had the Rinnegan. So he was the man with the epic eyes. So any way Hanzo is laying a trap for the Akatsuki and Obito is all but eager to see Nagato awaken the Rinnegan. Basically we got a good background  episode to the birth of PAIN aka the New Akatsuki.

Dem done kill me pardna....
Dem done kill me pardna….
I going Matrix on ayo man right now!!
I going Matrix on ayo man right now!!

Going on a tangent here. While watching this episode I did a little back tracking. As I said before I watched episode 173 and 174. To understand a little more about this idea. I know it is crazy but once you realize how losing someone you love can push one to the edge. While Nagato was talking to Naruto it finally made sense. Losing Yahiko was the last straw. Obito used that as an opportunity to offer him the kool-aid. Well he drank it all.



Checking back episode 174. Naruto speaks to Nagato.
Checking back episode 174. Naruto speaks to Nagato.

Naruto being the stubborn ninja that he is touched a nerve. A nerve that only now we realize how his idea of finding peace is something that found it’s way through all the war and hate. Reincarnation is something a few people believe in. I think an idea can be reincarnated and passed on to individuals. Well in this case we see how Nagato, Yahiko and Konan started with a dream of peace and through lies and deceit it turned into a nightmare. I love when a puzzle piece fit into place. If you are like me and really enjoy watching Naruto then this episode will do you justice. Watching older episodes and matching time lines make the experience that more enjoyable. I now this review took a while but I had to let the ramen soak in a little more. I can’t wait for the next episode. We finally get a deeper look into Kakashi. So till next time stay frosty!

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