That is right fellow caribgamers!! Your boy Blake aka International Badman got his hands on the beta and we got a chance to see what those boys at Respawn Entertainment will be bringing us in March 11, 2014.



Being an avid Playstation fanboy you know when I say I am buying an Xbox One before a PS4 for this game it must be that good. As Blake said we both spoke about how EA + Beta = Garbage. Trust me EA track record is horrible. These man spit out games that wasn’t even finished much less ready for mass production. They only listen to money and right now they suck when it comes to quality of games. For example Medal of Honor. Epic turd. Battlefield 4. Game needed Jesus to perform a miracle to fix it from the amount of bugs that plagued it. Haven’t touched it in a minute. Just recently they started the customer appreciation month. Yeah you know when man begging back they bring free stuff. Anyway walking into this beta wasn’t much of any high hopes.


The game looked real good for a beta. I mean usually we would be falling through the floor and environments would be popping up all over the place. Not here ma boy. Ting running smooth like butter on a hot bread. I can only imagine how it would look on the Xbox One….. Just got chills thinking about it.


As you can see the game is fast paced. If you ever played Unreal Tournament then you will know what I am talking about. Don’t mind the talk about the amount of players in the game. The maps compliment the amount of players playing. The map we played was medium sized. So the action never got stale or boring. Also Mechs. Enough said.


The movements with the jet packs and the shooting was very fluid. Playing on the PC with a mouse and keyboard was not cutting it. Sorry we ain’t use to the mouse keyboard combo. Give me a controller any day. That said it was on like donkey kong. Popping headshots and tea bagging like a boss!


This is a must have title for anyone owning an Xbox one or Xbox 360. This game is a system seller. Carib Gamer fully stamp it with our seal of approval. Good job Respawn Entertainment. Good to know the minds behind Call of Duty 4 brought their fresh idea to life. So now those boys over at Activision probably wondering how they gonna milk that poor excuse of a game call of doody once again next year. Sigh…