Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare Review


Plants vs Zombies fans everywhere rejoice. The game that made you waste countless hours on your phone or handheld is back. But this time we take control of your plants or zombies in this action packed version.
Now as you noticed this isn’t your usual plants vs zombies. You take control of different plants and even your iconic zombies. There is no tutorial or guided magical hands to help you understand what you must do. So being the avid PvsZ fan I went in ready for some action.


From time I saw this I knew I was not going to enjoy my gaming experience. I dealt with EA servers in BF3 and BF4. They suck. They are the worst when it comes to hosting any game on their servers. The best thing one can do is pray you don’t get kicked out of the game or even worse….


I mean who releases a game that is online only and not have their servers ready…. Oh yeah EA. My boy Blake sent this to me via twitter


Now understand on the Xbox 360 version you have to be online. All the time. So if you have a bad internet connection or no internet at all you will end up with a paper weight. Now I don’t understand why they chose that route. Playing offline would help understand the game and maybe playing via LAN would be awesome. I guess they want to keep a check on those coins. Either way I had to create my own room to get some action.

The game is fun. I won’t say it is deep but just plain good old fashion fun. It plays a lot like Gears of War Horde Mode. Yep. You plant a base. Defend the base from wave after wave of Zombies. Same thing for Gears of War. Only difference is the swag. Yep that is right. The way this game is set up there are mini objectives that allow you to level up your plant or zombie. Things like using the chili bean bomb 3 times levels you up.

Another interesting aspect to the game is that instead of you planting using sun beams, You got to buy stickers that help you unlock characters and “consumables”. Consumables are the stationary plants placed in pots situated in different parts of the map. So don’t be like me and waste a whole bunch of plants all the time. When I realized that I don’t get anymore I was screwed. Interesting enough you get coins for each mission you finish or lost. You use these coins to buy stickers.


So the drive in this game is to get as much coins as possible to be the best plant or zombie on each map. There are 4 different classes of plants and zombies. For the plants there is the Peashooter, Chomper, Sunflower and Cactus. For the zombies there is the Foot Soldier, Engineer, Scientist and the All-Star. Each have their strengths. Playing as a team is the key to winning. So what is the final verdict for this game?

Carib Gamer gives this game a 3 out of 5.

  • Graphics 3
  • Sound 3
  • Gameplay 4

The lack of offline gameplay really kill the fun for me. Anything on EA servers sucks. There is enough fun here to keep you entertained but that slowly goes as you begin to realize the harsh truth of playing over and over to get enough coins to be the best. With the swag and other goodies that is sure to follow we can expect this game to be around for a while. So buy this game with this caution in mind. Online Only for Xbox 360.


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