So I was browsing around the Xbox One menu when I saw Vegetta looking all pissed. I thought to myself why would he be so mad. Then digging through the menu I realized the first season is free. Now why didn’t someone tell me this. Cause we all know things are kind of scarce in the land of content with the Xbox One for now. Same thing can be said for the PS4. So since I have all the episodes hidden somewhere already I don’t mind having some DBZ on my Xbox One hard drive.

Free. Yes Please!
Free. Yes Please!

So if you own an Xbox One and like me that have no idea that the first season of Dragon Ball Z is free then let me say it to you now. It is free for a very limited time. So go and get it.

Also on a separate note. I realized that on the Xbox One watching or downloading video content is not restricted in my country. I live in the British Virgin Islands. Usually when I try to check for video content on my Playstation 3 I get the error that it isn’t available in my country. Sucks right. I understand why. But not so with Xbox One. I don’t know if they have some pull with Interpol. (The guys who have the FBI warning on the DVD’s you buy)

Yeah these guys. I know we totally ignore this...
Yeah these guys. I know we totally ignore this…

Either way I can watch all my favorite shows with no problems. Use my debit card from the BVI with no stress. I found that very convenient. Which brings the question why does my PS3 gi me stress so. I guess it got no time for dat. Anyway get downloading and waste 3 episodes watching Goku form a spirit bomb!