Nothing is better than young love. Especially in the Narutoverse. This story was so epic that it needed two episodes. Yes a second helping of ramen please. Can you tell I am totally geeking like C3PO.


So we have Kakashi walking into the Mystic people dem hideout. To be honest it wasn’t like he was looking for them. Just his luck he stumbled upon it. I wonder where the other ANBU ninjas was looking. Either way he is about to get PWN.


This ain’t weed!! This that mix up stuff!!!

Right here you can see Kakashi don’t know how to smoke a joint. Ting nearly kill he. Literally. Ok I am just playing. Dude literally went inside Kakashi and kill him from the inside out. Lucky for him Kinoe is to the rescue with his wood style jutsu. The ladies must really like him. Wood Style Jutsu… I must learn that technique.


Now the part that made me say “awwww”. Yes folks Kinoe and Yukimi on a date. This part was just adorable. As you know once Kinoe and Kakashi was caught talking about the mission to capture Orochimaru went south Yukimi took them north. So now they are at a village fair on a date. Now I won’t lie. I love this little chick! Mehson she can eat like a dude!


Girl is one little hot tamale.



So shifting gears Kakashi once again fighting his way out. Smoky can fight. Real Talk. Dude got skills. I mean if he wasn’t afraid of the wind he would have been a real bad man ninja. Ah well. That was a nice fight scene. Here you can see Kakashi is still a little green. He really depend on the Sharingan and Chidori. Still though his skill in deduction is at sherlock holmes level. Very sharp ninja. As smoky was dying he told Kakashi something very important about Yukimi.



So now the date has come to an end. Kakashi told Kinoe the truth and of course the two young lovers went running. So touching but as usual we all know she was gonna go back and give her life to her village like an idiot. Sadly she doesn’t know orochimaru is evil. He never intended to help them. Only use them. She will learn.




After a little fight scene and dramatic search for them we find Yukimi on the ground about to die. A touching moment where Kinoe is reminded of his friend in the test tube that also died in front of him. So he mean she wasn’t gonna die in front of him. So in a feeble yet touching attempt he tries to capture her pink smoke from being exposed to the wind. Then like a happy ending from a Walt Disney film the village of past mystic people joined their power to the wooden coffin. Somehow the power of love made a tree that brought her back to life with no curse mark and now a smoke free girl.





computer desk meme
What Da Frak just happened there!!!

Yeah. Still scratching my head on that one. I think the writers was high on that part. But hey it’s all good. She is alive. Kinoe gonna get some love…no. Wood Style Jutsu just walked away. The girl is a toss and he let her go her own way. I would have been like my girl we can check my crib for a hot minute. To each his own. The episode was nice. Orochimaru is still free. Kakashi seem to be a thorn in Danzo flesh. Soon he will be targeted by the foundation. Great soap opera episode. Walt Disney ending. What more can you ask for. So till later stay frosty!!