For the first time in the BVI a virtual roller coaster! Planet 6D Cinema is here!!! I know most of you guys reading this probably thinking how lame is that. Well here in the BVI we don’t have a theme park or other kinds of activities that would rival that of six flags or Disney.

The entrance to Planet 6D Cinema in Fish Bay
The entrance to Planet 6D Cinema in Fish Bay

So the owner Ghana Skelton called Carib Gamer for a test run I was both excited and thrilled. I suddenly had that moment when I first got into a roller coaster ride. The adrenalin started to flow. My heart rate increased. What is this feeling? A grown man like me shouldn’t be feeling this way. I guess old age making the slightest things in my life amplified times 2.

Buckle up... No seriously buckle up this ain't no sunday driving experience!
Buckle up… No seriously buckle up this ain’t no sunday driving experience!

When the doors close on ya and the sound of the bass thumps your chest you know this ain’t no joke! With the 3D glasses on the ride comes to life. The wind starts to hit your face as the ride picks up speed. Then all of a sudden you start to forget your are in a room. You become fully submerged in this virtual roller coaster ride. As you can tell from the video above I really enjoyed myself. Carib Gamer put their stamp of approval on this fun filled adventure in the BVI. So if you are interested in this come on over by Fish Bay behind DHL. They are open Friday 4pm -7pm, Saturday 2:30pm – 7pm and Sunday 3pm – 6:30pm. They will also be showing 3D and 6D movies. So check out their facebook page:

To know what they will be showing or other activities. Also don’t forget to “like” them.