You read that title right. I am a PS fanboy reviewing Titanfall. Lets see if Titanfall can stand being put under the microscope!


  • Intense Matches
  • Fluid Gameplay
  • Insane Graphics
  • Addictive and Extremely Fun


  • No Offline Mode
  • No leaderboards

I will be blunt. Any Sony Fanboy that is hating on this game need to repent. This is the same guys that brought us Call of Duty 4. These are the same guys that brought us Modern Warfare 2. Not Call of Duty Ghost. Not Modern Warfare 3. This game is nothing but pure genius. From the first time that I saw this game at E3 of 2013 I knew. I knew this game would be awesome. The xbox One needed that one game. That one game that set it apart from the PS4. That game my friends is Titanfall.

So let us start with the gameplay. I know you have read many different other sites about how this game is played. Let me state for the record that I am talking about the Xbox One version. Not the PC version. As of writing this now the Xbox 360 version mysteriously have been delayed. Hmm. Right. Forget what you heard. This game is like Call of Duty. Yes I said it. It is like Call of Duty 4. That is why the game feels so familiar. Like riding a bike you start off by popping off a few heads from the AI grunts. Yes there is only 6 vs 6 with a ton of bots. Sound dumb right. I know people who play Battlefield 4 would laugh at those numbers. Destructive environments. I have two things to say about that. No Lag. That is right. While playing Titanfall on my CCT Wimax internet I experienced no lag. Although I was on two bars I wasn’t feeling left behind. I was shooting like the best of them.

Let the bodies hit the floor!
Let the bodies hit the floor!

Unlike Battlefield 4 it isn’t broken out the box. The game looks sexy as hell. I enjoy the environments. I enjoy the smooth framerates. I enjoy the how chaotic things get in each match. I enjoy this game.

Those Microsoft Servers are holding up like a boss. One bar and still able to keep me in the game!!
Those Microsoft Servers are holding up like a boss. One bar and still able to keep me in the game!!

Lets talk about the addiction. From the moment you play this game one thing pops at you. Achievements. If you are an achievement whore then you will feel at home. Basically everything that can be done you will accomplish. A tag pops up on the screen for every accomplishment done. Making you feel like you are the baddest pilot Titanfall have ever seen. Shoot even when you pwning the AI bots you feel like an international bad man. All around this game is a must have for any Xbox One owner.

PS Fanboy

Now this is the part when I release the inner fanboy in me and rant on the cons of this game. The number one irritating gripe of this game is Online only. Yep. This game is worthless without internet. Completely worthless. Wait before you give me the whole this is 2014 and by now the internet is in abundance speech please shut up. My ISP currently didn’t get that memo about fast internet. Consistent service and making it affordable. So if by chance I hit on hard times and can’t pay them their ransom money I get no internet.

So as you can see no offline mode. Which means I can’t go by my friends house with an Xbox One and connect up via LAN and run some games OFFLINE. Totally sucks. I saw in a blog somewhere that they will only add that functionality if there is a need for it. So in other words NO. Awesome game. But stupid idea to make it online only.

My second gripe isn’t such a big one but there is no campaign mode. I mean there is one but it is basically 9 online matches. A mixture of the different game modes. That is it. Lazy bums couldn’t throw in something that would at least resemble an offline mode. Well to be honest I don’t play Single player so I didn’t miss it but the fanboy force say to piss about it.

To make matters worse there is no leaderboards. Which mean no MLG standards. Which mean no way of taking this game seriously at any tournament. Right now we playing for fun. I guess they will add that later as it is released on the Xbox 360.

That ends my rant. Also ends my review. Get this game. It is fun and has tons of replay value. If you have no internet or stealing WiFi from your neighbor do not get this game. Make sure all is well with your internet before getting this game.