I won’t bore you with this episode. Don’t get it twisted it was a good episode. Just another step into the mind of Kakashi. Sadly it is a twisted mind. The darkness runs deep in this man.


As usual Kakashi is ignoring his friends. They are really good friends. Cause if that was me I would of done stop checking for this man. So the Lord Third made him a teacher. He went from a stone cold killer to a primary school teacher. Yeah talk about a complete shift in lifestyle. Although they all lost friends some how Kakashi still holding on. Like he can’t just accept they are dead.


Another flash back. Sigh someone slap me now…

So as you know Kakashi is having a hard time deciding if he is the right man for the job. With past mistakes hounding him and double guessing himself we found ourselves just as confused as he was. One of the flash backs was almost reminiscent of three young ninjas that we know now. Obito is Naruto. Kakashi is Sasuke. Rin is Sakura. One big happy messed up family. Intersting enough Sasuke tried to kill Sakura. Just like Kakashi killed Rin. He even taught Sasuke the move that killed her. That is some Shakespeare stuff.


  It is almost like it was destined to happen.

Kakashi thought that Minato didn’t see their teamwork. Although Kakashi only used them to get the goal he didn’t even realized that he was taking lead. He is a natural born leader. It was funny to see how goofy Obito was. Act just like Naruto. Wanted to be Hokage. Loved Rin. I mean he is the Uchiha version of Naruto. Sad to know that fun loving child is so evil now.

As Kakashi test the young graduates he realizes that many of them lack the very skills needed to be great teammates. He promised himself that he won’t pass anyone that isn’t up to par.

vlcsnap-2014-04-25-01h13m09s182 You all are the weakest link. You all FAIL!

After failing a few more  graduates his friends and even the Lord Third begin to question if Kakashi is ready to lead any of the graduates. Even I thought about how stern he was. Like any teacher you begin to doubt if you are getting through to the students. Even Gai heard the rumors of how hard he was on the students.


We will not give up! We will pass. Come on guys lets give him our best shot!!


Hiyeah! Hmph and they still pass. Kakashi would of failed them for being weak!

So as the episode dragged along we see how even though Kakashi was very strict he was still able to help the students he failed to be much better. So like any happy ending Kakashi have found his niche as a teacher. To be honest I was kinda bored with this episode. It was good but I kinda knew this was going to happen. So this was one of those episodes that they have to show. This episode is just building up to something. I can feel it. Why so much back story on Kakashi. There must be an end game. I just don’t want to die of boredom first.


Thank you for failing us. We now greet random people.


Thank you for failing us. Now we don’t depend on our brother.

The next episode we see the team we all know and love are being put together. It would be like watching the first few episodes of Naruto all over again. Am I looking forward to it. Yes. Why? Cause I am an epic fanboy and love to see anything relating to Naruto. SO BRING IT! Until then stay frosty folks!