Oh No! No New Naruto Episode!

naruto crying

Fellow fans I regrettably announce that there is no episode of Naruto today. Happily the series will resume. I pulled this info from good ole wikipedia. Now we can take this for a grain of salt but I think the dates are legit. Now the conversation now is will we they be continuing the Kakashi arc.

361 “Squad Seven”
“Dainanahan” (第七班)
May 8, 2014
362 “Kakashi’s Determination”
“Kakashi no Ketsui” (カカシの決意)
May 15, 2014



Reading through some forums and I see most sources feel that episode 362 will start the Main Canon. Everyone is on the edge of their seat. To be honest I can’t wait to see the bad man  fight between Obito and Kakashi. I know there is more fights waiting for us. With lots of twists and turns to the plot. Who will live. Who will die. I know most who read the manga could answer those questions but I will wait to watch it.

So what do you do when your favorite show isn’t on. Well my friend the international badman is hooked on One Piece. Forgive him though he only watch the English dubbed version. I won’t lie One Piece is just as awesome as Naruto. It has its own charm.

Watch the first season of Fairy Tails for FREE! on Xbox One
Watch the first season of Fairy Tails for FREE! on the Xbox One

So next Thursday a new episode will be coming. Continuing with Kakashi and the newly formed team seven. So till the next episode stay frosty!!!

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