It is about that time once again. Like clock work another Call of Duty game is coming to us. Now before you start geeking out I will pull a Harvey two face on yall. First half of my take on this trailer gonna be from the call of duty fan. You know the kind of fan that sticks with the game no matter how damaged it may be. Then the second half…well let’s just say he think it should be called Call of Doody.

Call of Duty FanBoy Point of view!

First thing you see on this video trailer that all must bow down to is that this is actual gameplay footage from the only system built for Call of Duty. The Xbox One. Let the haters hate. That’s right. We all know Microsoft got that gwop! We pay for exclusive stuff. Don’t worry PS4 owners. We will give you the scrap codes once we done optimize it for the Xbox One.


Of course you know we couldn’t just come with new graphics….we had to bring Kevin freaking Spacey!! Y’all know Sledgehammer got mad skills! New story! New Characters! New Console! This is what we all been waiting for in the Call of Duty Franchise. A breath of fresh air. Did I mention awesome graphics. I mean you can see the very pimples on Kevin Spacey forehead. I mean I don’t know if that is a pixel error but the detail alone is much better than Riley…

Call of Duty going hard on the Paint! Kevin Spacey...he won like stuff and could act and stuff!
Call of Duty going hard on the Paint! Kevin Spacey…he won like stuff and could act and stuff!

The direction Call of Duty is taking is on point with the new consoles. This game will be the new bad ting on the block. Call of Duty have the best Single Player experience hands down. Titanfall doesn’t even have one. Titanfall doesn’t have Kevin Freaking Spacey!!

Now Call of Doody Hater Point of View!

This is comedy. What happened to the crap fest called Call of Duty Ghost. I mean that was suppose to be “it”. I guess after having their butt handed to them by the same guys who made Call of Duty what it is today. Now Titanfall pimp slapping them to the bank. And get this it isn’t even on the PS4. The whole exo-skeleton thing. Really. Jumping really high. Really. I mean seriously can you be any more desperate.

I will state the obvious. This game will suck more balls than lil kim..
I will state the obvious. This game will suck more balls than lil kim..

Look there isn’t anything here that is screaming at me buy me. Looking at this trailer I see so much things that seem like a rip from other games. Lets look at the mechs. Yes they have mechs. Epic fail. They also have a grenade that gives somewhat a projected map that reveals enemies on the map. Something like what is in Titanfall. Hmm……. They even got cloaking. Yes cloaking. I mean I couldn’t make this stuff up. Right now Titanfall is like Apple. Call of Duty is Samsung. They will try their best to copy a true and known formula. Then try to add their little tweaks to make it their own. I know cloaking was in Killzone. No one cares. That game was a waste of pixels. I remember when Call of Duty Ghost talked about the graphic detail on a freaking dog. Spent a whole conference showing us how fish moves away from you. Did any of those things had an impact on my gameplay. NO. So stop wasting my time with all this fluff! If I want fluff I would watch Naruto. (burn lol hahaha)

WHAT THE FRAK... yall worse than samsung...
WHAT THE FRAK… yall worse than samsung…
Cloaking. Really. Could you be more obvious.
Cloaking. Really. Could you be more obvious.

All this trailer did for me is remind me why I hate Call of Doody. Just more of the same. Nothing new. Just more of the same. Sadly the drones will buy it.


I did a video with this blog but caugh tthe fever and looked like crap. So I will be uploading a video I did in iKonnect. Just my two cent on the trailer. I think it is good eye candy for the Call of Duty Fan Boys. They probably got all sweaty watching it. Personally after playing BF4 and seeing how broken it was I think they need to take their time with these games. Give it time to be fixed and ready. Dice took a big hit to their fan base for rushing out a broken game. I was one who didn’t get the premium package for BF4. Didn’t make any sense. So will you buy this new installment of the Call of Duty Series? Knowing how Ghost ended you would think they would continue that story. Hmm Also no word from Dice. They did say that they will not work on any other game until they fix BF4. Yeah good luck with that. So November 4th 2014 we getting another dose of some call of duty. Woot…..