PSN Plus May Update

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I must admit I wasn’t keeping up with the many free games that are on PSN Plus. Recently the boys over at Xbox pledged to give a free game every month or so. I think PSN Plus started something beautiful for the gamers. So what prompt me to write about this month in particular…


Puppeteer (PS3)

Free for PS Plus members

One dark moonlit night, a young boy named Kutaro was carried away by the maleficent Moon Bear King to a black castle where the unlucky lad was transformed into a puppet. Kutaro displeased the terrible tyrant, who devoured the boy’s wooden head and cast away his body. But the headless hero was not alone, for he had discovered a very special pair of scissors to help him on his harrowing adventure to find his head, and his way home.
Surge Deluxe (PS Vita)

Free for PS Plus members

Surge Deluxe
A new energy source provides humanity with enormous electrical power, but by-product materials build up fast, and must be constantly cleared to keep pressure levels in check. Shatter the dangerous by-products by routing electrical surges between matching blocks, and then vent pressure in huge blasts to buy you more time! Surge Deluxe puts sizzling electrical energy at your fingertips!

 I always wanted to play the Puppeteer. Ever since I saw it at E3. Sadly I didn’t have the funds to get up and buy it. Boy Sony really pushing that Vita. I will admit that I have been only playing one game on my Vita. It is Final Fantasy 10. Awesome game by the way. Never really heard of Surge Deluxe. If I have any space on my memory card I might check it out. There is also Limbo. In my opinion that is a very good game. The art style and classic platform gameplay brings me back to the good old days of gaming. A must have for any PS Vita owner. That is the cool thing about free games. No pressure. I will be definitely checking out the Puppeteer!

There is also some other games available on PSN Plus for the month of May. One game in particular that my fellow colleague enjoys is called Skull girls Encore.


Skullgirls Encore boasts some really unique characters. This fighter’s roster is comprised of mainly females (hence, “Skullgirls” and not “Skullpeople”) and includes really oddball personalities. There’s Cerebella, an orphaned circus performer who happens to have a living hat with massive arms, the feline-esque Ms. Fortune who cannot die since she swallowed a Life Gem (making dismemberment part of her playstyle), and Double, an amorphous character that can transform into anything, but usually hangs out in as a nun. The game has a fantastic art style, and the Encore version includes gameplay updates, balance changes and new stages and music.

 So if you haven’t gotten PSN Plus by now you are really missing out on some free games to check out. I know one thing for sure is that I will get the most out of these awesome deals. Don’t worry the PS4 got a free game also. Check the video for all the games available on PSN Plus this month of May 2014.


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