If this game is any indication of what we should expect. Color me impressed. This game officially got me on the hype train. Funny thing about the trailer is that I didn’t see a life bar. Maybe they will be using a realistic image of your character being beat up. Thus giving you a real feel for the battle. Also it look like they will be bringing back weapons. All in all like all trailers they show you the most promising game that would make you sell your momma couch just to pre order it. Then when the game comes close to release then like being invited to the Maury Show the girl revealed to you that she use to be a man. Yep. So far everyone on the internet is drooling with expectations. We will be seeing more of this most likely at E3. I know I will be happy to see the onslaught of games that will be available for the Next Gen consoles. No more reboots. Time to bring out the big guns. Lets put that GPU to work!