Ah yes Sony. Last year E3 they went on bad. This year you can tell they had huge expectations. They didn’t meet all of them. To be honest it was hyped in the beginning with the opening of Destiny and The Order. Then coming to the end with Mortal Kombat X, Batman Arkham Knights and  Uncharted 4. The new name for the PS4 will be the Indiestation. Not saying that is a bad thing. Just didn’t wow me like I thought they would. Lets check out the big guns.


This game amazes me everytime I see it. Of course Sony getting exclusive content first. Making this the Console of choice for this game. There will also be a new White Destiny Bundle PS4 coming September 9th 2014. The PS4 will also be getting the Beta first this coming in July 17th 2014. That was pretty cool.

The Order 1866

I am still having second thoughts about this game. Yes the graphics are amazing. The gameplay look solid. Just not feeling it. I guess this game reminds me of Silent Hill. You know with the dark atmosphere and weird looking muntants killing mankind. Either way this is an exclusive game for the PS4. Shaping up to be a good game.

Far Cry 4

I never played Far Cry 3 but from what I saw and heard from my friends they loved it. It seem Far Cry 4 built upon that success and made it even better. The graphics as usual looks clean. The other cool feature that they mentioned is that plyers who own the game could invite friends who don’t own the game to play with them. Which is very cool.

Mortal Kombat X

This game made me want to Finish somebody. I can see this game being the number one fighter for a while. Great graphics, environment interaction new characters and solid gameplay. You can’t ask for more. This is a must have game.

No Man’s Sky

Amazing. This game reminded me of exactly what this little indie game developer intended it to be. An epic Sci-Fi adventure exploring worlds and flying through the galaxies. This game has potential. Hopefully this game isn’t all about exploring. I would love to see if they have a story behind this game. It would be interesting to play this game. Will definitely keep an eye out for this game.

Batman: Arkham Knight 

Unfreaking believable! Are you kidding me! This game showed up and just farted on everything else Sony showed. Seriously! I was literally having multiple orgasms. I couldn’t believe what I saw! I loved the previous Batman games. They just took what I loved and upgraded it to super sayian levels! I would be a fool not to get this game.

Uncharted 4

Shut the Front door. Holy freaking cow balls. This game is sexy. The graphics alone is reason enough to get this game. Every Uncharted game was awesome. This being the last one I am sure they will be going out with a bang.


Now out of the games I presented only 3 are exclusive to Sony. Which brings to mind that the big games like Mortal Kombat X and Batman: Arkham Knight are also on the Xbox One. So really and truly it is all about the exclusive content. They also had a segment about letters and blah blah blah blah. BORING. Dude was dropping stale jokes constantly. They still have faith in the Vita. Sadly. Some games are coming out for the Vita but nothing to really care about. Child of Light and some dumb game called Minecraft will be available for the Vita. To be honest ain’t no one care about that. Then they announced Playstation TV for $99. Sorry PS Fanboys I ain’t feeling that gimmick. I love me some Sony but no. Also Project Morpheous. Epic fail. Another Gimmick.

Sigh.... Hell to the NO!!!
Sigh…. Hell to the NO!!!

Then there was other indie games that ain’t my cup of tea. All in all Sony did a good job but wasn’t spectacular. So who was better. Sony or Xbox? I give a marginal ups to Sony. They showed some big games. Xbox didn’t show us the big games. Just a solid lineup. All that is left is Nintendo. I am afraid to say but could Nintendo come from the back and destroy Sony and Xbox E3 event? We will see!