Xbox E3 Media Event Review


Alright. If you are living in a hole somewhere and don’t know that E3 is today then let me help you. Xbox just had their E3 media event. It wasn’t spectacular. It was a solid presentation. This year instead of talking to the Xbox One and showing hardware as expected it showed games.

Call of Duty Advance Warrior

Was the first game to be shown. Now in my opinion this game is a complete rip from Titanfall. All y’all COD fanboys can bite it. Telling me crap buh Jet Packs will never be in a call of duty game. Anyway we got a good single player gameplay video. Nothing much to geek out on. They got rid of the display hud. Now bullet info is displayed on the gun.

Call of Duty AD

Not really impressed but meh it is another Call of Duty game. Will check it out. Lets move on to something more interesting.


Forza Horizon 2.


This game peaked my interest. I played Forza before and although it is a great game I am not a fan. Always been a fan for the open world type racer. This game got everything I could ever want in a racing game. 1080p sweetness, No lobbies, dedicated servers and it is socially connected. This game got my name written all over it.



From the creators of Left 4 Dead bring us this exciting Co-Op game. Watching the trailer I can tell it will be tons of fun. I remember playing Left 4 Dead back in the day with my friends. Spent 2 hours with those guys. Just to leave them behind. Sigh Good times.


Fable Legends

Not really feeling this game. I mean the whole setup doesn’t feel like Fable. But I guess the Multiplayer aspect of it is something I could try. The idea of playing as the villian was a nice twist. I would of liked to see more of this game.


Rise of the Tomb Raider

Hell freaking YEAH! I loved the first one and couldn’t wait for the second one. I could done see this game is a must have. We can expect the same depth and exploration we fell in love with in the first one. I was totally freaking when I saw the world premier of that trailer.

There were other games that made a debut but none really made me jump out my seat. Well there was one announcement that made me happy like a school girl. So here are the games that are only on Xbox One that I will definitely be getting.


Halo: The Master Chief Collection 

That is right. Halo fans rejoice! We get to play Halo 1 – 4 in all the 1080p glory. They also have kept the original version also. Talk about sweet sweet Halo 2 tea bagging fun. YES!!! Coming with the package is the Halo Nightfall series. They also talked about giving us the beta in December.



AAAAHHHH YEAH!!! Crackdown is back baby! I loved this game! I remember getting the achievement for climbing the tallest building then jumping off to get the other achievement. Collecting orbs…Good Times Good Times. Interesting to see how they will be doing this game. I know many gamers was totally psyched seeing this classic coming to next Gen. I can only imagine the Multiplayer Co-Op craziness that will spawn form this game. This game will be the shiznit!!

There were other announcements that are note worthy. Mighty 9 and this other game called Inside which looked great. I think Xbox did a solid job. They may have not came out guns blazing but they gave us what we wanted. Games. There was also a DLC annoucement that made me laugh.

Will be doing EA and Ubisoft review right now and Sony should on soon. Right now things are looking pretty good for gamers in 2014 and 2015. I know last year E3 Xbox One failed. They did a horrible job. After the DRM fiasco they had to redeem themselves. They presented themselves as an all in one media machine. Did they prove that. Yes they did. Although Sony sold more PS4’s than the Xbox One initially we all know how these things go. Next year the tide may change as far as sales go. Either way the games are coming and it looks good.

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