Naruto Zombie Shippuuden 365 Review


This episode grabbed me from the beginning and never let go. Talk about ting in one episode! I had my mouth open from start to finish. The fact it started off with Hinata and Naruto holding hands getting all lovely. If they had a priest I would of married them right there. Enough talk let us dig into this most epic episode.


Naruto done give everybody a can of Redbull!

So at this point Naruto figured out a way to share the Nine Tails Chakra to everyone on the Battlefield. Bout this time everyone is in beast mode. Some are vex Neji dead. While others can’t believe he is dead. All the while Obito spewing nonsense as usual about having friends is a curse. I mean seriously dude. Rin is dead. Move on with your life. You act as if you are the only one that lost someone close to you. Jeez.


His rival is dead.

Things started to look grim for Obito and Madara. Well actually more Obito than Madara. Madara is a reanimated corpse. He is already dead. Not to mention he needs Obito to bring him back to life. That boy name Naruto just being a condom to these man plans. Also at this point Naruto is focused. He isn’t just goofing off. He surpassed his parents skill ten fold.


Look here Naruto I ain’t get no sex from Rin. So no one will get sex!


What the Frak!?!


Gotcha! I should make you smack yourself for killing my daddy!


To be honest I have no idea what that is. But somehow they became a flaming bird. That can cut.



I tell yall this girl named Hinata know her man so well she knew to sort him out without him saying a word. This man better marry her.


The Allied Ninja Force got them on the ropes. Obito and Madara can’t help to realize the truth. Things ain’t looking to good. If Obito had listened to Madara in the first place he would be winning all now. But instead he did like every villain. Start running his mouth. So now the tides has turned in Naruto favor. What will happen now we don’t know. But I know one thing for sure. Madara ain’t going down like no punk. He has a few tricks up his sleeves.


So finally we link back with Sasuke and the gang. Now we have these man on a mission. So it seem Mr. Sasuke want some answers. The only man who can get the answers is Vybes Cartel Cousin Orochimaru.


They found themselves at the Hidden Leaf Village. Nostalgia hits Sasuke like a ton of bricks. I wonder if he still want to destroy the village. Dude is just like Obito. Want to do drastic things just because someone make him cry. But anyway we finally get to see what that scroll was all about. Trust me I was at the edge of my seat watching every word and scene.



Ok Death Dude is back.


Ok. Got your arms back. Why do you need your arms to do Mr. Orochimaru?


Oh That is just NASTY. All of dem man was in you Sasuke. You is a hotel!


Oh. Goodie. More zombies. Who will it be….



OMG!!!! Hold up! That is wha going on!! This is EPIC!!! Naruto will be able to see his father! The First will fight Madara, and God knows what trouble the Second Hokage will stir up. This will be nice to see how this will play out. I am totally geeking right now. This is like christmas for me right now. Please no filler episodes! Keep it coming! I want to see how all of this will play out. So till the next episode stay frosty!


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