Happy Naruto Thursday!

Epic Facepalm

So Today there is no new episode of Naruto. Episodes will resume in July. So take this time to check back some older episodes and reflect on some of what has transpired. For example the epic fail called Sasuke. He supposedly killed his brother ( We all know he died from TB ) then swore to destroy the Hidden Leaf village. Took his brother eyes then woke up only to see his Zombie brother alive AGAIN. Itachi ignored him like a boss cause he knew what had to be done. Only to have Sasuke pissing and moaning about crap as usual. Like this lil bwoy don’t understand when big people talking to just shut up. But either way Itachi told him everything and hope that he would do the right thing. Instead this boy went and revived Orochimaru. Gave him back his arms. Then have him revived the past Hokage. I am sure Itachi is very proud of him right now.

I also want to reflect on the Second Hokage. One finger and this man nearly wreck Sasuke. ONE FINGER! Wha really going on here? Why is the past Hokage so much more powerful than the current ones. To me these new Hokage so water down I see why Minato put the Nine Tails in Naruto. A bunch of pussies these man is. Either way the next episode would prove to be an eye opener. We will see why Madara is so bitter. I pray to God it isn’t because of a woman. Cause we all know Obito want to destroy the world because of Rin. It isn’t like the man get to smell the sex. Sigh look how woman make war break out. So expect a new episode July 3rd. Title of that episode is Hashirama and Madara. Till then stay frosty!

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