That is right my fellow Naruto gear heads. I have been waiting patiently for this day. The demo for the most anticipated Naruto game that will be releasing September 2014 is within our grasps! For The Playstation 3 it is available today July 1st. For Xbox 360 Gold Members will be able to download it Wednesday July 2nd. For the Xbox 360 Silver members could download it Wednesday July 9th.

Most likely the download for the PS3 will be after their regular PSN update time. So make sure to check the PSN Store regularly.

The demo will include online and offline modes. The online mode will be available from the demo’s release until July 23rd. After July 23rd, players will still be able to enjoy the demo in offline mode against the computer or a friend. I have never been so hyped for a demo since Battlefield 3. The hype is real my friends. Grab a kunai and a friend and start practicing! Below are some early vids of the demo! Stay frosty!!