Naruto Epic Childhood Shippuuden 367 Review


This was the history channel. How it all began. This right here is like the Adam and Eve for the Narutoverse. This is ground zero. So if you are thinking this isn’t worth your time to watch then you are sorely mistaken. I have one word to describe this episode. Informativelyinterestinglyawesomeness.

A Young Hashirama
A Young Hashirama

In this time era was not a pretty one. Every where is war. Even the children went to war. So much pain. So much hurt. I can see why Hashirama and Madara are so hardcore. Their bond would of been a nice one if they wasn’t caught between war. I won’t lie these man is a pair of comedians.

You Can't Stand behind me!!! It distracts me!!!
You Can’t Stand behind me!!! It distracts me!!!
Instant Depressed Jutsu!
Instant Depressed Jutsu!
Derp Derp Derp pissing....
Derp Derp Derp pissing….
EPIC! Man had to stop pissing.... Imagine Hashirama end the war by standing behind him while he pissing..
EPIC! Man had to stop pissing…. Imagine Hashirama end the war by standing behind him while he pissing..

All jokes aside watching teens being killed was not easy. I can see why the younger shinobi today are so sheltered. To protect the future. These adults in this era didn’t even think about anything else but war. It is amazing they even had time to have sex. Well to think about it war and sex is like peanut butter and jelly. But real talk Senju and Uchiha really hated each other. I want to know what the war was all about. I pray to God it was for land. If it was for a woman…. I lose all faith in the Naruto series. Needless to say we can see how deep the hate goes. War sucks. Not a tree hugging hippie. Just don’t understand why I must kill a man because the general got beef with another man that I don’t know. Yet these man in a nice place sending other man to dem death. All of this for the greater good. Look once you come inna mi yard bullet pon you. Anyway….

The death of his younger brother Itama
The death of his younger brother Itama
I wonder if he was born with that kind of two color hair..
I wonder if he was born with that kind of two color hair..

It is funny how two young teens can get along without hating one another. It is only when politics come in play things get complicated. Just like real life. Everybody is all good till someone who hate everything under the sun start trouble. The father made it clear that he ain’t happy dem man cooling and having fun. Now he want Hashirama to snitch on Madara. Blasted Tobirama is a flipping snitch. Punk ram gone tell he father on him. Real botty man movement for real. I can done see how the next episode will be like. Betrayal. Drama and lots of bodies hitting the floor.

Watch him... Ratting out his brother..
Watch him… Ratting out his brother..

What have you done tobi

This episode was not only informative but truly interesting. I understand now how hard it was for Hashirama to fight Madara. The Hidden Leaf Village is more than just a village. It is a reminder of hope and prosperity. Being birth in a time of war and only to have war come around once again is nothing more than shameful. Why would Madara start the very thing that he swore against. Even the idea to put everyone under a Genjutsu is just stupid. Unless Hinata and Naruto is married with 4 babies..I think I would be satisfied. Just saying. If you are a avid Naruto fan as I am. Yeah I know I been man crushing on him lately on Carib Gamer you have to check this episode. If you read the Manga and don’t watch this episode you missing out on some good stuff. So till next time stay frosty! Now time to play that Naruto Revolution Demo!!! WOOT!!

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