Naruto The Legend Shippuuden 368 Review


This was the most excellent episode concerning the past I have ever seen. This episode details in all it’s epicness how deep friendship can go. Betrayal. Something that is normal for the shinobi. Hashirama knew this all to well. Ordered to betray his friend he chose not to. You can see the effect of war on their faces. Each one losing friends and families. To be honest the war seem to be something that lost it’s meaning a long time ago. No one really can say what started the war but right now each shinobi have a reason to hate each other. That hate went from generation to generation. How can one see the end. Well Hashirama saw an end.

Friends....forced to be enemies..
Friends….forced to be enemies..
Senju against Uchiha
Senju against Uchiha
Brought together by war. Now War will set them apart...
Brought together by war. Now War will set them apart…

Watching Madara and Hashirama fight was just “WOW”. These man just whipping out epic Jutsu with ease. Like these man know dem in the matrix and just going HAM for no reason. Madara got the eternal mangekyou after his brother Izuna died. I won’t lie Tobirama is pretty sharp. He was able to fool Izuna eyes. Not an easy task. Hashirama knew that Madara would not stop training to be the best Uchiha. So his training had to be intense. I have so much respect for him right now it isn’t funny.

Izuna struck down by Tobirama...Madara's brother...
Izuna struck down by Tobirama…Madara’s brother…
The death that changed everything..
The death that changed everything..
BOOM!!! Rude Bwoy in da place!!
BOOM!!! Rude Bwoy in da place!!
Rest ya self likkle bwoy!
Rest ya self likkle bwoy!

I have a new found respect for the First Hokage. He is a man of his word. Wise beyond his time. Single handedly instituted peace and honor to a never ending war. Even when told to either take his life or kill his brother from a defeated Madara he would carry it out without hesitation. Which also made me understand how precious the Hidden Leaf Village is. When I first started to watch Naruto I always thought becoming the Hokage was the end game. Right now after watching this episode made me realize it is more than a title. What Hashirama brought to my attention was honor. He could of killed Madara but chose to make amends instead. He knew that war is a disease. Which is fueled by hatred. Killing Madara would of given birth to another killer hell bent to destroy everything. Although I know the story isn’t over yet but I feel if Sasuke don’t change his mind about the Hidden Leaf Village after listening to the First story he need to just leave the Narutoverse and join Fairy Tail.

I see your guts. Madara finally see war isn't the answer...
I see your guts. Madara finally see war isn’t the answer…

This episode was so good I think it could of been a movie. So much drama and action in one episode that could spin off and be its own series. You must watch this episode. Please don’t think that you could loaf on this arc. You will learn so much more about the ninja way. I can’t wait till the next episode! Till then stay frosty!!

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