No Naruto episode..


Imagine there look on my face when I don’t see uTorrent downloading any thing for Naruto. Having so much on my plate today I thought I missed out. Wishing one of my favorite naruto fans a happy birthday… Shout out to Shermaine! Happy Naruto Thursday!!


But looking online I found out that Naruto will be back next week. It seem the conclusion to the story Hashirama telling to Sasuke. Now mind you I done see Sasuke have to change his mind about destroying the village. So much blood shed for war is meaningless. Yes many lives have been taken but it don’t make sense to continue killing. Look what happened to the Uchiha clan. Sasuke need find Sakura and start making babies. He is the last of a species. Make love not war. So if you checking don’t fret. Go download Fairy Tail and Sword Art Online. Well I am reading the latest Batman comic. Damian Rises. Yep good stuff. So any way next week Naruto will be back! Stay frosty till then!

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