MMA in Paradise 4


MMA in Paradise 4 folks! First off let me say that all the fighters fought well and the event was a success. I came to see some good fights and got them. Of course you know there was a few moments where much improvement is a MUST! I wil point them out later. For now lets talk about the fights! That is all. That is all.

Of course you know REPVI was there! How else would I be able to capture this VI event. We all know when it comes to entertainment in the Caribbean and even the world there is one place to check. REPVI.COM!

The first fight was with my boy Cideane Brown. Watching the fight now I see that he totally PWNED that dude. While I was watching it that night I thought “is this a track and field event?” The first problem was that Mr. Hazel didn’t want to come out and fight. Dude took FOREVER JUST TO COME OUT. Either way after Earl get that blow to the head from Cideane he took off faster than a man caught with his best friend girlfriend.

This fist right here turn he into a bonafide coward!
This fist right here turn he into a bonafide coward!

This fight right here was the best in my opinion. Lasted for the whole three rounds. Lots of submission moves and ended with that kick that sent the USVI packing. That kick caught him slipping. He didn’t see it coming. By the time he caught himself he on the ground.

In Street Fighter they call this a cross up combo lol!
In Street Fighter they call this a cross up combo lol!

This match right here was pure comedy. After seeing his fellow teammate Daniel knocking out Grey he got all hyped up. As the match begin he started throwing a bunch of girlie fists. Like he was swatting flies. I felt from the time I saw that I knew something bad was gonna happen. He was to excited and was making some stupid mistakes. His guard was down. He went in head first. Not to mention he didn’t look like he had a plan. He totally under estimated his opponent. Funny thing I kept rewinding that fight. Just to see how he got knocked out…Then I realized..




flat out on the ground like a bad ting in a bang tight!
flat out on the ground like a bad ting in a bang tight!

This was the last fight and it wasn’t another knock out round. It went to decision. Dwayne fought a great fight. He is from Jost Van Dyke. Most likely he might be family to me. Just saying don’t mess with me. I know people….

The night was great and exciting EXCEPT for the commentator. LAWD have mercy dude just couldn’t stop talking. The time between fights was to much. Next time the flow of entertainment need to move a little better. I understand that most of the fighters wasn’t there but they still put on a great experience. I look forward to the next MMA in Paradise event. So make sure you head on over to and check on everything entertainment in the VI and the world! Also be sure to check us out in Canada for the Fan Expo August 28 – 31.

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