One Piece 654 Review


This dude name Law. Ting got more energy than the energizer bunny! Just when you think this man is down and out he spring up like lazarus. So lets dig in this almost action filled episode.

We begin with the sexy Nami-swan and friends on the Thousand Sunny. Totally owned that artist chick. Once again we have the enemy blabbing dem mouth. I mean can at least one villain ever keep their mouth shut. To think about it she is one tough chick. Ugly but tough.

Watch her....running her mouth like water...
Watch her….running her mouth like water…

We see the fight for Block “D” still raging on. Things seem to be heating up with some AAA  fighters still coming for that number one spot. With so much super stars one can only wonder who will be on top. I mean there is even a freaking Lion. One big Pussy Cat biting up man. Real talk! Only in One Piece buddy. I just hope Rebecca don’t get hurt to bad. Wouldn’t want her sweet sexy flawless skin be harmed in any way…

I got my money on the Lion. Just saying...
I got my money on the Lion. Just saying…

Then right back to my boy Law. I thought he was a dead man. But like Lazarus he rose up and bust off like this dude in the MMA fight this past weekend…

I never see am man run so fast! Stop run from de licks dem!!!
I never see a man run so fast! Stop run from de licks dem!!!

Anyway Law pulled the good ole switch-a-roo. He took the heart from one of the grunts. Ceaser thought it was his heart but no. That moment of distraction gave Law the chance to escape. Once again the Tom and Jerry chase continued. Law took Ceaser and started his way down to the bridge. Doflamingo was right on his tail and looked a little confused. He knew he has no way of escape and wondered why he running towards his home town. Then in the corner of his eye he saw the Thousand Sunny with the crew bawling from some fighting fish. Yes they are being attacked by huge fighting fish. So you know Doflamingo ain’t no fool. He decided to kill everyone on the ship. Which totally freaked everyone out!

Yep. Would totally like to be freaking out with I mean "OH No!"
Yep. Would totally like to be freaking out with Nami…er I mean “OH No!”

 We done know these man is dead. None of them could fight Doflamingo. If this was Dragonball Z He would be Cell and they would be Krillin.Then like a boss the only man who would risk his life not for the crew but for Nami-Swan!!!

Talk about a flashy entrance!
Talk about a flashy entrance!

Sanji aka Black Leg came in just in time! But will he be able to actually fight this beast of a man. I know I don’t speak highly of Doflamingo but he seem to be pretty tough. I mean he was frozen by Kuzan. He then broke out of that ice like it was nothing.  Can’t deny how strong he is. I hope Sanji don’ get beat up to bad. So when things are getting real good the anime ended. I be all excited and then it just end. I know the next episode will prove to be epic!! Big man fight between Sanji and Doflamingo! So stay frosty till then!!

To be continued


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