This my friends was worth the wait. The conclusion to the First Hokage story. A very nicely done episode. Had everything that make for a great drama series and enough action that even Chuck Norris can approve of. So what are we waiting for lets dig in!

Two friends achieved their dream!
Two friends achieved their dream!

Ah yes the calm before the storm. War comes in many shapes and form. You ask why I say that. Well look at this story. We have two friends that had to overcome a feud between two faction that been fighting for God knows how long. So we have hatred that has been passed on from generation to generation. Then it took an act of selflessness to end the feud. A village that no longer have to worry about killing. A village that finally changed the way of life for every one. So what can change this peace. What can tip the balance to such serenity.

Tobi-flipping-rama....This boy right here racist.
Tobi-flipping-rama….This boy right here racist.

 Yep. War is like a virus. Once infected it is hard to get rid of it. One have to do a clean install. You see Tobirama has been infected. He hates the Uchiha clan. Madara knows it. Hashirama wanted to make Madara the Hokage. In all honesty I know it wouldn’t fly with the rest of the people of the village. Yet Hashirama was willing to be the bigger man and make it right with his friend. Sadly Tobirama don’t see it that way. Which brings me the other face of war. Politics. It hides behind red tape. Allows people like Danzo which let me point out was under the tutelage of none other you guessed it Tobirama. Danzo orchestrated the death of a whole clan. It seem that the seed of war was planted deep. Springing forth every decade or so. Either way Madara got the message. Loud and clear.

Madara listened to the conversation between Tobirama and Hashirama while talking about Madara. The broken leaf signify the begining of the end of a friendship that could of been so much more..
Madara listened to the conversation between Tobirama and Hashirama. The broken leaf signify the beginning of the end of a friendship that could of been so much more..

This episode is very important. Many may think that this anime is empty and lack depth. This episode is a great example of how deep the rabbit hole goes. Hashirama and Madara story is similar to Naruto and Sasuke. Many including me would of given up on Sasuke. Not Naruto. He saw him as a friend. Even when Sasuke never respected him as one. Which in the same instance wanted to kill Naruto. Yet Naruto still have faith that he can change him. This episode brought everything back 360. We understand the Hidden Leaf Village is more than a village. It is a dream of peace. The Dream of many key persons who died hoping change can be made. To erase the hate and prepare a future. This is so true for us. Hashirama and Madara had a dream of peace. The same can be said for Martin Luther King. He stood up against Hate. Funny Madara had the same idea but wanted to force everyone under a spell and control our dreams. Which will bring peace but not through our own will.

Dem eyes....yep. He bout to set it off!
Dem eyes….yep. He bout to set it off!

So just like that war started once again. This time friend against friend. Which I know made it much harder for Hashirama. The same man that helped him bring peace to a warring nation. Yet carried the burden of his clan and still failed them. He was exiled and fought to find himself in a world that saw him as a cancer. Madara fueled by hate did what he thought had to be done. To kill the only man he knew that was as strong as him.

The Epic battle!
The Epic battle!

This episode had to come to an end though. We understand much more about this war that is so epic! I don’t know how anyone who is a fan who isn’t hyped right about now. Each episode brings us closer to each character than before. Who will be next to die? Who will be brought back to life? Will we see the next match up between zombie Madara vs zombie Hashirama? I mean things are definitely heating up! The next episode we will get an answer from Sasuke. To be honest I don’t care to much about what he thinks. After listening to the first Hokage it doesn’t matter what he thinks. This man is a flipping beast. Man single handily owned the nine tails like he was a kitten. THE FREAKING NINE TAILS! And still had enough chakra to fight Madara. Let me see any other ninja do that except for the sage of the six paths.


Anyway sorry for the late review. I had it baking in my computer but after watching the episode I had to sit down and collect my thoughts. This episode reminds me that through all the killing in the east and useless waste of lives being lost there is hope. I won’t pick sides. I will be the one like Hashirama and choose the side for the future without killing someone to see my point. For once Naruto can teach us something. I hope you loved this episode as much as I did. I know I wrote more than usual but sometimes I can’t help myself. Stay frosty!!