Naruto Turn Up Shippuuden 370 Review


NO FREAKING WAY! Ah vex! This blasted boy name Sasuke need two hard slap cross his face! Before I get ahead of myself let me try and cool down. Collect my thoughts and try to analyze this in a proper manner. So we have Sasuke listening to the First Hokage end his story about the origins of the Hidden Leaf and Madara. To all the Sasuke fans this is a Sasuke heavy episode.

What?!?! But How???
What?!?! But How???
I thought you knew....Wood Style Jutsu!
I thought you knew….Wood Style Jutsu!

The battle between Hashirama and Madara was pretty cool. To imagine the simplest Jutsu did him in. I mean come on! That is Genin 101. Either way the last thing Hashirama remembered killing Madara. Just goes to show how resilient those Uchiha can be.

Sasuke thinking back...
Sasuke thinking back…

After that story we get to sit back and see Sasuke resolve. It was basically everything we already knew. Yet somehow that thick head little bwoy couldn’t figure it out. I guess after listening to Hashirama definition of a Shinobi finally made sense. I don’t blame him for hating his brother Itachi but wanting to destroy the village made no sense. After finding out that certain individuals made the decision against the Uchiha are all dead. Why continue to hate a village that out of ignorance said and did what they thought was true. So either way Sasuke who back stabbed his friends. Killed all those around him consumed by hate had to decide if he will continue his idea of destroying the village.

Kagami the Uchiha that gain the respect of Tobi-flipping-rama
Kagami the Uchiha that gain the respect of Tobi-flipping-rama

But before we hear his decision we get to hear how each Hokage looked back on their failures. Pure comedy. As usual like a boss Tobi-flipping-rama admit to no failures. He did surprised me. I thought he hated the Uchiha but revealed he only hate those that pose a threat to the the village. All through each of the Hokages life there was always an Uchiha that fought alongside the Village and died protecting just that. It was deep to see how the Uchiha being feared for their visual prowess cared so deeply for the Hidden Leaf Village. Just goes to show life is a cycle…

Leh we Go Tobi!
Leh we Go Tobi!

So what was Sasuke answer? Well lets just say THIS WAR BOUT TO TURN UP!!! We got all the Hokagae dem ready fi WAR!!! I tell ya I was getting goose bumps! But lets think about it. If Sasuke had chose to destroy the village Tobirama would of killed him instantly. Just saying. He look like he don’t waste time. He look like the kind of guy that would kill first then think about it later. Now this is what really grind my gears. This blasted boy name Sasuke got two toss fighting for this man. Even after he tried to kill both of them. Cause we all know Sakura gonna take him back like a real Thot. I can only imagine the epic man crush Naruto gonna have. To see his boyfriend coming back to him. Nonsense.

Karin: Sasuke you stabbed me and left me for dead!! I hateYOU!! Sasuke: Shut up and come with me.
Karin: Sasuke you stabbed me and left me for dead!! I hate YOU!!
Sasuke: Shut up and come with me.                                                      
Hashirama: Who is that girl up on Sasuke? Tobirama: Oh she must be one of Sasuke Thots. You know how dem Uzumaki clan does move.
Hashirama: Who is that girl up on Sasuke?                                                                                         
Tobirama: Oh she must be one of Sasuke Thots. You know how dem Uzumaki gyals does move.

So you wanna know why Sasuke need two hard slap. Well it took to much for him to understand something that was staring right in his face. Yeah yeah I know he mad little boy who saw his brother kill his mommy and daddy. Then lived in obscurity most of his life. Then learned all what he thought was true was a lie. I can deal with that. What I can’t deal with is he think he matter. Like he can take down the First Hokage. Buh answer or else. Like really Sasuke. Really. You in the presence of pure EPICNESS. My thing is he think he can make a difference. Naruto been holding his own without the need to know. He just know. Even when the whole village saw him as a cancer. He stood tall and became the hero. So when Sasuke come through buh he gonna save the village and ting he better take a seat and remember the title of this anime. NARUTO. BELIEVE IT! So the next episode we see Naruto dem getting beat up from Madara and Obito. Hold on tight my boi. Daddy coming!! It will be MASS!!!! Stay frosty till then!

This will be an EPIC fight!!!
This will be an EPIC fight!!!


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