Naruto Hot Sauce Shippuuden 371 Review


This is IT!! Ting bout to get real mehson!! This episode so good I think I wet myself. You wanna know why? Well lets first run down the list. BIG Reveal from Obito. Madara sense a disturbance in the force…and The Ten Tails bout to set it off!!! SO much ramen in one episode. Wha these man trying to do. My heart can’t take it!

This boy named Naruto. He mean no one else will die.
This boy named Naruto. He mean no one else will die.

So we have Naruto holding it down like a boss. The chakra he used to cover his allies is holding up but you can tell it is wearing him down. Obito seem to be more on edge than usual. I wonder if the things Naruto is saying starting to get to him. Well to be honest I don’t think Obito realize that this war he is part of have absolutely nothing to do with him. He is just a pawn in Madara chess board right now.

What is this I sense.....
What is this I sense…..

Madara sensed Hashirama chakra. Dude bout to get turnt up! You can see the excitement in his eyes! Just to know the only Shinobi capable of giving him a good fight. Madara has the edge. Basically have his corpse on his chest. Using the epic Senju powers. OOOOH my spidey senses are tingling. That fight gonna be so epic I might wet myself just watching it! The next episode need come quick!

King Kong ain't got NOTHING  ON ME!!
King Kong ain’t got NOTHING

So we have the ten tails just tearing tings up. I mean dude like he just say “turn down for what!” Then just drop the bomb. Karuma then realized that he ain’t finish yet. At this moment Naruto seemed to be really pushing himself. I mean once you see a mushroom cloud you know it was epic. Even after that Naruto still protected his friends. But at what cost. Just when you think that Naruto would give up he still had chat. LIKE A BOSS!!!

Wow. No one should be alive after that....
Wow. No one should be alive after that….
EPIC! Y'all lucky Hinata on the battlefield. That boy Naruto survived the Cataclysm
EPIC! Y’all lucky Hinata on the battlefield. That boy Naruto survived the Cataclysm
That's all you got!
That’s all you got!

Well Well!! Wha I tell you! This boy is a beast! Real bad man Naruto is! Sadly he tired now. Just when you think he about to give up his friends rallied around him. Who in front? Hinata of course. She got to protect her man of course. We already know that Naruto strength comes from his friends. Not the Nine Tails. That is what makes him so awesome.

Please don't sing the Tail Beast song....
Please don’t sing the Tail Beast song….
Hello!!!! Who or what is this!!??!!
Hello!!!! Who or what is this!!??!!

Now I don’t read the Manga but this suddenly peaked my interest. Now we see that “it” has the Rinnegan eyes. Is this a tail beast? Is it a past Shinobi? This ting had me itching to google it. But I will resist the temptation. That is the thing about this anime. Always like to fling a curve ball and just mess up whatever you think is what it seem.

These two need to just make up and kiss
These two need to just make up and kiss

Look I done with these two man mehson. Kakashi need to just kill this man and get it over with. Obito is a lost case. Look this man revealed something we thought he didn’t know. He knew Rin killed herself. He knew that she only did what she did to save the Hidden Leaf Village. I won’t spoil it for you guys but all in all Kakashi need to make up his mind about Obito. Don’t make sense to save a man that rather live in a fantasy world. Like what the frak you talking about!?! This world is a delusion. Crack head talk coming out his mouth made me just SMH.

This episode is beyond awesome. This thing need to be framed and put in a museum. So much content to digest is ridiculous. This episode end at such a cliffhanger I could of screamed! I mean it is just mean to do such a thing to a person.Then to top things off we have a little teaser. Boy tings bout to get REAL! Till then stay frosty!!!


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