Fan Expo Canada 2014

Fan expo

Fellow gamers and geeks. Carib Gamer will be going to the Comic Con version for Canada Wednesday August 27th 2014. We will be bringing all the updates for games, movies, celebrities and anything that is just plain cool. Don’t worry Won’t be late with my Naruto Review. Also didn’t forget the new Episode of Doctor Who and One Piece. We will be leaving from the BVI in the morning and reaching in good ole Canada sometime in the midnight. Just to wake up early in the morning to register and just go nuts. Also guess what Carib Gamer doing Cosplay! That is right we doing the whole nine yards! Here is a peak at just one of my costumes…

AWW Yeah Akatsuki in dem tank!
AWW Yeah Akatsuki in dem tank!

There is much more coming so keep it locked to twitter, facebook and instagram. Documenting this whole trip and you never know we might even get the inside scoop on some exclusive announcements!

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