The Death of Wolverine #1 Review


Words can’t express how I feel right now. At first I thought this was just another what if or alternate universe kind of thing that marvel was doing. But my hopes was put to rest when I went to the fan expo in canada and learned that this is the real deal. He will be dead. I guess all good things must come to an end. So how is the original Canadian Bad man going out. Well in a pile of blood.
After reading the comic the realization finally sinks in. We have a hero that spanned decades and succumbed to countless battles that for any muntant would of gone insane. Lost loved ones and many other friends dead.
If you are a fan of Wolverine then this is a must read.


Just giving ya little review of this issue. We got Wolverine getting the skinny on his condition. Then instantly through years of experience he done know what coming next. In the image above the sketch drawing of a pain ridden Wolverine without the healing factor. Each time he use his claws the wound is reopened. Causing him pain. I can tell this will be a very painful end for Wolverine. So far the art direction is sopt on. I am not familiar with the artist but from just reading and looking it was magnificently done. Looking forward to the next issue!

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