All aboard the Destiny Hype Train!


Couple hours from now…well 3:01 am AST I will finally get my sweaty palms a taste of this highly anticipated game. So what do you do while waiting. Search the internet for any review or blog that could give you more fuel for the hype train. Sadly no review to be found. Meh I guess they could care less what they think. So much pre-orders in they could cash that check in right now and be happy for a year. I saw IGN got a live review of the game from 10am to 2pm. Seem that is the only thing right now to get my mouth wet.

So right now it is split down the middle with the fanboys. The PS4 man dem already claiming the best place to play Destiny is on PS4. Then you have the Xbox One fans shouting that they had a taste of Destiny for years with Halo. I tell ya the jokes dem I getting is epic.

You think this is a game?!
You think this is a game?!

Well to be honest i would do the same thing if we here in the BVI had a game store to purchase the Ghost Edition. Instead I did what I could of done at the time. I pre-ordered my copy of Destiny. That is right I have my own little line on my chair with my own little hype train fuel. It may not have the same luster but guess what. I still playing it!

My little corner.
My little corner.

 During the Beta I played as two classes. The one that made my day was the Hunter class. Something about using the knife really perked my interest. Also I like killing from a distance with the sniper rifle. I know for a sure fact many gamers gonna flood the servers. Hopefully Bungie is ready for the many eager beavers wanting to lay claim to this game. Definitely the international Badman will be playing. So expect many montage game footage. You never know I may be in it.

Who will you choose?
Who will you choose?

Since I won’t be able to play the game for about 2 hours since writing this blog I will just catch up on some anime and prepare for the day one or day zero patch that all online type games have just before release. Yeah even if I didn’t read it on twitter I knew it was coming. There is always some patch fix that is needed for these kinds of games. I will see how good this game will be. It is a very ambitious title. Will I lose intrest in this game like I did many other MMO’s that I played up until lvl 20? Well if they can keep me on past lvl 20 then we have a keeper. The only MMO that ever kept me on was Final Fantasy 11 for the PS3. Yep those were the days. So expect a Vlog and review for this game coming soon. Also the trip to Fan Expo 2014 was a huge success. Many Pics and videos for that coming soon!

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