Naruto Mecha Shippuuden 376 Review


Whats up my fellow Naruto fans! It is about that time for fillers! Don’t fret! This isn’t your regular filler. Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution game is available today. So with that many was asking about the origin of the character of Mecha Naruto. I myself after playing the demo I fell in love with mecha naruto. So this anime gives us the skinny on this newly made character. So lets dig in!

This guy....sigh
This guy….sigh
It's Alive It's Alive!!!
It’s Alive It’s Alive!!!
Crap... Creation try to kill the creator. Go figure.
Crap… Creation try to kill the creator. Go figure.

We start with the mad scientist of the Narutoverse. The original Chi Chi Man himself. Sasuke number one fan. Vybes Cartel cousin. I speak of the one and only Orochimaru. This man like doing weird tings buddy. He does be in the lab just causing mischief. So if you know the story of Frankenstine then you know how that goes. Man create monster. Monster turns on master. Monster is left for dead. Chapter closed. Or is it.

I need one of those. Need it to chew my car up and make it brand new...
I need one of those. Need it to chew my car up and make it brand new…

Pain aka Nagato aka Real Bad Man fix him up and paired him up with the Itachi and Kisame. At this moment in time he is under the hood looking all mysterious. Naruto and the gang are training. We see Neji one more time. Which we all know he sacrificed himself in the war. Then the moment came for the beast to be set loose on the village. Now we see Itachi telling Mecha Naruto something. Now I don’t know what he told him but my guess is that it was the activation code or something. Well as he get the go ahead he jump up in the sky and land right in the heart of the Hidden Leaf Village. Man just start busting fist everywhere. Neji and all couldn’t touch Mecha Naruto. When I saw my boy Lee try to sort him out even he wasn’t able to sort him out. fight was getting real good. Then Naruto show up. Yeah….. that ain’t happen.

Mecha Naruto!!
Mecha Naruto!!
That is just plain out creepy...
That is just plain out creepy…

This thing feeds on his chakra. EPIC. Ting look mega creepy. Either way Naruto don’t stand a chance against that thing. How they will beat it is beyond me. So after Kakashi and Yamato saved Naruto from Mecha Naruto the plan was simple. Run away like a punk.

So Lady Tsunade formulated a plan. Use Naruto as bait and defeat this mecha beast. Now I won’t lie it was just comedy watching Neji and the rest of the team getting pwned. FIrst it was Shino. He thought he was jamming. Was he wrong.


Then next up was Shikamaru. This man always got a plan. I say if anyone could take down mecha naruto it would be him. Well like a real strategist he loured him to his web of traps. Once he captured him in the shadow imitation jutsu I say it is all over. Well as he try strangle him he just pop off his head. Talk bout comedy. The look on his face alone was enough to warrant a “LOL”


So with Yamato looking to barf all over Naruto and mecha naruto beating everyone that is in his way was only a matter of time before this thing come to an end. Just like that the anime ended. I was so vex. Ting start get sweet. I want to know how they will beat mecha naruto. So we have to wait till the next thursday to catch the final episode to this brief filler arch. I personally think this isn’t a filler per say. It should be looked as a main episode. Yes because it shows that the world of Naruto is full with stories. Just to connect the dots and make sense of it. I really enjoyed this episode. Can’t wait to see the next one! Until then I will see if I can play the new game that is out today! Stay Frosty!

Buy it now!!!
Buy it now!!!

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