Naruto Holy Fist Bump Shippuuden 380 Review


Fellow Naruto Fans!!! Today is NARUTO BIRTHDAY!!! Woot!!! This episode was without a shadow of a doubt pretty special. This was a rare opportunity to see Naruto actually showing the fruit of his training.Lets dig in!

Watch that douchebag Sasuke. He vex he ain't as smart as Naruto. Wha happen Sasuke? Your eyes can't keep up with the epicness that is NARUTO!!!
Watch that douchebag Sasuke. He vex he ain’t as smart as Naruto. Wha happen Sasuke? Your eyes can’t keep up with                                                                                the epicness that is NARUTO!!!

So after the successful attack done by Naruto everyone was instantly impressed. I won’t Lie I was thinking the the same thing while watching this episode. The when you think the momentum was going in their favor Obito turn it up! He decide to just kill everyone one time. He ain’t wasting no more time. After Naruto done touch him up he say nah bro! You ain’t touching me from the behind again! No Homo. That look on Sasuke face though…. Priceless!

Yeah....Four Tail Beast Bomb....
                                                                           Yeah….Four Tail Beast Bomb….
Oh just in case you was thinking of barrier. Your Welcome.
                      Oh just in case you was thinking of teleporting…red barrier. Your Welcome.

These man in trouble. REAL trouble. This is the end for the allied ninja force. Even Shikimaru thinking hard. So who will save them? Naruto like a boss stepped in. This dude always coming to the rescue! That punk name Sasuke think becoming Hokage is about being a douchebag he dead wrong. So while Naruto is cooking up a plan Obito was there in his black shell talking smack. I wish I was there. I would of tell him bout Rin. How he is a punk and Kakashi get some before him. That is just me. Either way we learned that today is his birthday. We watched how Minato thought about how much he missed in his son’s life. To be brought back to life and see your son all grown up doing big things must of been touching.

Yep Our Naruto has grown.
                                                                                   Yep Our Naruto has grown.
Oh Yeah...imminent death. Back to the matter at hand!
                                                   Oh Yeah…imminent death. Back to the matter at hand!

So what was Naruto’s Plan….. well after he bumped fists with his dad he began firing up the glow juice on everybody. Now everyone was thinking that he was going to protect them from the blast. Nope! even better! But as usual the bum Sasuke thought about running away and letting everyone else to die. I mean seriously. Epic fail. Naruto tell this man to get some of his chakra. I would of told him to just die. either way he touched him and just when you think all is dead…..

THAT'S RIGHT! HE TELEPORTED EVERYONE!!!! Obito feel like a botty!
                        THAT’S RIGHT! HE TELEPORTED EVERYONE!!!! Obito feel like a botty!

I tell ya buddy just when you think Naruto ain’t got no more tricks up his sleeves he pull a rabbit out of his hat. Also that boy name Jugo must really like man. Coming in there to save Sasuke. Before he go and check that flat chest girl Sakura. Anyway this was a great Naruto heavy episode. Showed us how smart he is and his genuine talent. No other Ninja I have seen so far displayed that kind of heart. Sasuke don’t care for his fellow comrades. Naruto does. If you haven’t watched this episode as yet I highly recommend you do! Happy Birthday Naruto!! Great episode! Well till later guys stay frosty!

Epic Bump Fist!
                                                                                           Epic Bump Fist!

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