Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution!!!


The only game that can peal me away from Destiny is Naruto SUN* Storm Revolution! The great folks at iKonnect totally hooked up Carib Gamer with a copy of Naruto SUN* Storm Revolution! If you didn’t know I am a total Naruto Fan. So far I am definitely enjoying the game. I must say the new play style is just making my mouth water.

Mifune is REAL TOOL!!
Mifune is REAL TOOL!!

With Destiny sucking up 90% of my life I will try to keep this game on my radar. Right now I have a bounty on a rivals head. He dust me off over at Versus. No worries like Goku I will be back. Seeing how I just got the game and working on the Destiny Review I am not sure when i can give my thoughts on this game just yet. So will try to multi-task. Just throwing this out there Shisui looking to be a real Main Driver for me. Extremely fast and epic tilt move. Not as epic as Naruto Kyuubi form tilt. That thing is OP to the MAX! Dude literally appears behind you without even using any Chakra. either way this game is shaping up to be a great fighting game for Naruto Fans.

Thank you iKonnect for hooking Carib Gamer up!


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