Naruto Super Sage Mode Shippuuden 381 Review


YO!!!! This is wha I talking about! Naruto is wha I call real tool! This episode had me geeking out constantly. Wait then the hugest bomb that was dropped was the epic history factoid done by Madara. YES!! I telling yo if you miss this episode you will be lost!!

So we have Naruto just saved everyone from utter destruction. So wha you think my boy ready to do. BEAST MODE!!! Man fly into combat like a idiot! Then this man forgot he can’t hit Obito without being in sage mode. EPIC FAIL. Either way Kurama got his back. Reminded him about the time he was talking to Pain AKA Nagato and while he was in sage mode some of his chakra leaked out. Now we all knew at that time Naruto couldn’t achieve sage mode because of the Nine Tails. Come to find out it was Kurama that was rejecting the toad sage. Talk about ting buddy. So guess what….



I was literally on the floor! Wait it get better! Guess who in the background jealous like a lil punk… Sasuke hahahahahhaha!

                                                                                 HE FEEL SOGGY!!

Finally it sink in this man. He isn’t up to the standards of Naruto. Best he just pack up and go sulk somewhere. He ain’t understand this man done pass the First Hokage. Man is real tool!

Obito ya can't handle the RASENGAN!!!!!
                                                                  Obito ya can’t handle the RASENGAN!!!!!

Well since Obito done see that he ain’t no match for the father and son combo man went and start the Tsuki No Me. Yep the whole reason for the war is about to take place. Talk about game over.

Yeah....that sucks
                                                                                      Yeah….that sucks

Interesting enough it don’t look like that phasing Madara one bit. Obito causing all kinds of hell and these man just shooting the breeze. Tree sucking up man chakra and life and these two man just chatting it up. Hashirama needed a lesson on epic jutsu 101. Guess who was the Professor. Madara. School is in session!

The Divine Tree with the Forbidden Fruit
                                                                 The Divine Tree with the Forbidden Fruit

We learned the time before chakra man was always fighting. While they was fighting there was this tree. They worshiped this tree because it was like the tree of life or something. Now once every millennium it grew a fruit. Now everybody had done know not to eat the fruit. But Kaguya Otsutsuki a princess ate it. Hmm is it me or this seems vaguely familiar. In the Bible. Garden of Eden. Eve Ate the fruit.

She just had to eat the fruit...
                                                                              She just had to eat the fruit…

Nah….so anyway she became like a god and finished the war on her own. She gave birth to a son. His name was Hagoromo Otsutsuki. I wonder who had sex with her. I mean to have sex with a god must of been epic. Well he probably died while having sex. What a way to die. Anyway Hagoromo Otsutsuki started Ninshu. AKA Jesus of Ninjutsu. Then the Divine Tree became alive looking for the chakra that was stolen. So basically Humans in the wrong for stealing. Hagoromo sort out the ten tails. But what Madara is seeking is peace. In a twisted way he want to achieve something that could not be achieved through human methods. He saw that before they even knew themselves there was war. So in his own thinking he wants to create a world where there is no war. Sounds cute but doing it the way he imagine it sucks. No one wants to be not in control of their own destiny. By the looks of it a dream will become a the reality.

The founder of Ninshu
                                                                                  The founder of Ninshu

What an episode buddy! So much to take in. Sadly I saw through the grapevine that Naruto Manga will be coming to an end in November. I choose not to believe this nonsense. Yet I know everything must come to an end. I may never be able to fill the void Naruto is filling right now. Well I hope the Anime doesn’t come to an end even though the manga would be over. I know that is impossible but I really don’t want this to end. So if you are following this series This is a must see episode. So much back story knowledge and Naruto making Sasuke realize he is but a genin makes me feel soooooo good! So until next week stay frosty!

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