Doctor Who Hit and Miss Review

This is why I have such a bi-polar relationship with this doctor. Yeah I know most people love him and I get it. I am but a minority who dislike this Doctor. So why am I still watching it? Well I love the Doctor Who Series so much that I will sit through and watch every episode until they cancel the series.


So let me start with the most magnificent episode which was Flatline episode nine. This was classic Doctor Who mystery. We have an enemy we haven’t seen yet and also the suspense of how they will succeed. The Doctor found himself in a problem that he didn’t even knew what was going on. It was up to Clara to be his eyes and ears. She was the Doctor LOL. With the infamous sonic screw driver. Ting had me on the floor.

Doctor Clara....Look comedy!
Doctor Clara….Look comedy!

Not to mention Clara finally realized it isn’t easy being the Doctor. Don’t talk about the villain. These things was in 2D and then upgraded to 3D! Man the ting had look sick! All in all that was unopposed to geek out on about. Especially when they pissed off the Doctor and he turn up. Man flick open he jacket like “HAMMER TIME” Ting was sweet.

2D villain now 3D villain... Epic!!
2D villain now 3D villain… Epic!!

Then we move on over to an episode that had me fast forwarding. Yep. Episode 10. Was not impressed. Bush take over the world. The Doctor once again clueless to what is going on. Little girl running around like red riding hood.

Red Riding Hood Ladies and Gentlemen
Red Riding Hood Ladies and Gentlemen

So back to Clara and the drama with Mr. Pink. I mean throw in a Dalek or a weeping angel. Geez spice things up a bit. But no we get a dumb history lesson. I am happy for Earth and all but this episode was a complete waste of time. I know I sound harsh but I miss the days of excitement from Doctor Who. I guess I am showing my bias a little bit but meh I am trying to understand what is this Doctor purpose.

Pretty Lights...
Pretty Lights…
History Lesson...
History Lesson…
End of Episode. Complete waste of time!
End of Episode. Complete waste of time!

The next episode begins the Finale. The end game. The conclusion to this wacky adventure of this Doctor. I am both excited and anxious to see what will happen to the Doctor and Clara. So far from the trailer things getting darker and we finally will shed a little light on “Missy”. Also none of these episodes spoke anything about Gallifrey. Strange but will see what the Finale will hold!

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