Naruto Power Ranger Shippuuden 384 Review


BOSS!!! Tha is wha going on!!!! I thought these man was going to lay down and just give up. The Naruto and Sasuke team up is beyond epic! These man surpass even the Sage of Six Paths!!

Demi boy glowing ting...wha really going on
Dem boy glowing and ting…wha really going on

So yeah we have Naruto and Sasuke standing before Obito. These man start glowing and the mixing of Chakra. Then all of a sudden we have the most EPIC COMBO I have ever seen so far in the Naruto series!!!

Go Go Power Rangers!!!
Go Go Power Rangers!!!

HOLY FRAK!!!! Sasuke pull off something Madara did way back then like a BOSS!!! Ok I usually don’t big up Sasuke but that was to freaking awesome!! I was like STOP PLAYING!! Then we see Obito pull out his sword. Thing look like the human Genome. Saying how the Sage of the Six Paths formed the world with it. Yeah Yeah but didn’t he hear the Power Ranger song in the background…It is Mighty Morphin Time!!!!


That wasn’t all!! Naruto call up his buddies to help in this fight! The Man gave everyone some new threads and even Rock Lee….YES Rock Lee busting a Rasengan!!! Look I had to hold back the geek in me for a minute. I was in Pussers and man watching me like I was having a seizure.

Wha just happen?
Wha just happen?
Oh Yeah...The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Naruto and Sasuke just cut me open...sad
Oh Yeah…The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Naruto and Sasuke just cut me open…sad

So after this man get sliced up the tail beasts start to leak out. Which had me thinking how smart Naruto is. I mean we don’t give him enough credit. Once you compare him to Sasuke they tend to make him to be the dumb ninja but in reality Naruto is very smart. He gain relationships by being real. That in itself shows that Real recognize real. That being said we saw the one tail and eight tail coming in to help pull their respective tail beast out of Obito.

Obito should of just found another girl instead of bawling over Rin. Now look how these man gonna OWN you..
Obito should of just found another girl instead of bawling over Rin. Now look how these man gonna OWN you..

While all the pulling was going on Naruto and the rest of the allied Ninja Force saw into Obito’s thoughts. So we all know now that the big softy Naruto done start bawling. We know that won’t move seasick. Dude cold as ice. Anyway everyone jumped in to help and we now see the effect of unity.

"We are family" song comes to mind when I saw this..
“We are family” song comes to mind when I saw this..
This man right here....SMH
This man right here….SMH

Kakashi still chilling. Watching the fight like it was a pay per view match. He finally see Naruto and Sasuke team up and fighting together. Team 7 finally back together again. But still he need come out and fight with his friends. Now my question is where is Madara. I feel he will sneak up at the right moment and steal the spotlight. Cause we all know that dude ain’t never surprised by nothing. He plan this this for half his life. Well as you can tell I am loving this episode! I can’t wait to see how this fight comes to an end… So till next time stay frosty!

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