Naruto Really Obito! Shippuuden 385 review


Not really gonna get into this episode. Why? Well it is all about Obito and his self righteous vendetta to put everyone under that stupid genjutsu. Look I been saying for years since we found out that Obito was the masked man. Obito only doing this because he miss Rin. Case and point. The man was in love. He wanted to be Hokage. Then life happened. GET OVER IT! But no not him. He linked up with Madara and decided to go on this crusade all because of Rin. Naruto told him he was gonna take off the mask. Boy he is a man of his word. Not only did he take off his mask he was all up in his grill about it.

Naruto having "Real Talk" with Obito buddy
Naruto having “Real Talk” with Obito buddy

Missing this episode won’t hurt the story. This to me only confirming what we all know. He going on like no one else had pain. Obito just need to die. Real talk. I guess since the last manga for Naruto is upon us many people are left wondering what else should we do now. The anime is still showing so there is still life in this series. We  also have the last Naruto Movie coming December 6th 2014. Here is an english dub of the trailer:

All I want to see is Naruto and Hinata married with babies. Team Hinata all the way!! Yeah so till the next stay frosty!!

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