Is Wolverine really Dead?

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So after the Death of Wolverine we see many spin off comics spawned right after his death. We have the Death of Wolverine: Logans Legacy, Death of Wolverine: Weapon X Program, Death of Wolverine: Life After Logan and shoot even Deadpool and Captain America getting in on the Death of Wolverine Band Wagon.

This was funny though...
This was funny though…

I read all of them so far and most are mourning the death and others seem to be a back story of his past. Which brings me to a very vague idea that Logan isn’t that dead. I know many of my friends know that is a cheap way for Marvel to rack up sales and other things. But when I read those comics I can only see how influential he was to many heroes. So far the Wolverine Cash Cow still pumping cash for Marvel.

Yeah Buddy....Who's That Girl...
Yeah Buddy….Who’s That Girl…

Another series that got my attention so far is the new Thor. The female version. Yeah I know I never really followed Thor but Marvels plan to shake things up peaked my interest. Sadly they got my boy Thor like a punk. Dude literally got his lopped off hand as a necklace.

Why They doing this to my boy Thor. Dude got his hand like an ornament...
Why They doing this to my boy Thor. Dude got his hand like an ornament…

Just goes to show maybe something new isn’t so bad. I am anticipating Logan to return next year. Anything later than that and most people will lose interest in him. As of now I think with all the comic TV shows adaptions it would be hard not wanting to check out the source material and go deeper in the rabbit hole. I personally having a whale of a time watching Gotham. Come on thing is getting real good. That Penguin is a real goon! Either way Logan may have been dead for a while but the comic world is still moving forward and what better way to whore good old Wolvie.

The Strange relationship between Cyclops and Wolverine
The Strange relationship between Cyclops and Wolverine

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