Naruto Give Thanks Shippuuden 388 Review


Gaara Gaara Gaara…. This episode was all about Gaara. Do I really care about Gaara. Not really. Why did they choose to bore me with this tree hugging episode. Not sure but hey it is Thanksgiving Day and Gaara is saying thank you Naruto for being my friend.

LOL Madara look like he just there chilling
LOL Madara look like he just there chilling
Say hello to my little friend!!
Say hello to my little friend!!

We got a deep look into the troubled life the Sand Man himself Gaara. Interesting enough we really could of watched the outcome of Madara being wrapped up like a burrito and Naruto throwing the Shuriken Rasengan at him. Then they switched gears so suddenly that I didn’t even noticed they went from episode to fluff. Gaara asked Shukaku the One Tail for help and ended up getting help from all the tailed beasts. But instead of going straight to the action we got Gaara thinking back on his encounter with Naruto.

Yep.....Another day another sunset..
Yep…..Another day another sunset..

Sigh I wish I could say it was exciting and fulfilling but it wasn’t. Just showing us something we already know and to be honest the time it took for him looking at his hand. Yeah that was a waste of ink and time. Look I know right now the anime is gonna milk till the very last drop so I welcome this hybrid fluff episode. The next episode is another fluff. Well at least it is going to be about Hinata. Yep team Hinata in effect. Naruto Sweety need some air time. So have a Happy Thanksgiving today and remember stay frosty!

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