Gotham by Midnight Comic Review

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Being the complete Batman Fan I keep up to date with all the comics related to the Dark Knight. To my surprise I saw this comic and thought this should be interesting. Now I don’t follow the artist or writers as I should but the style of the art work was very different. Ray Fawkes is the writer and Ben Templesmith is the artist. I must say…..They work in sync! This comic is dark. I am talking Todd Macfarlane Spawn dark. Then the way it is drawn is just beautifully done. It totally drags you in and keeps you locked in.

Jim Corrigan. The man Batman go to for that spooky mess lol
Jim Corrigan. The man Batman go to for that spooky mess lol

So in this comic the main hero isn’t Batman. Yep so how can this be good? Well there are some cases that even Batman have to hand off. For the kind of cases that are “unexplained”. We are talking about spirits of the dead. The spectral things. Before reading this comic I will ask you…are you a religious person? Detective Jim Corrigan. He specialize in this kinds of stuff. You can say he is like the Constantine of Gotham.

From the first page to the last page I was glued. Ray did an awesome job creating the atmosphere for this comic. He started to build up to a climax that was both satisfying and got me wanting more. The artwork makes his world even more real. So if you want to start any series for the DC universe I totally recommend Gotham by Midnight.


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