Naruto EPIC MADARA Shippuuden 391 Review


AWWWW YEAAHHH!!! Now we talking!!! Forget the last two episodes! Even though I am team Hinata those two episodes was a waste of time. Literally. Now this episode…THING WAS EPIC!!!!

Yep Obito doing what he does best...on his back
Yep Obito doing what he does best…on his back

Madara. This man is the embodiment of awesome. So we have Obito on his back. Not dead but can’t move. Then Karuma explained to Minato that when the Sage of Six Paths split himself up to Nine parts he was very weak but didn’t move they knew Obito wasn’t going anywhere. Then like Lazerus he wanted to bring back the fallen comrades back to life using the Rinne Rebirth. Doing the exact same thing as Nagato. It was touching to see the punk Obito trying to fix the damage he has done.


LOL DENIED! Black Zetsu in ya tank! Buh you gonna betray Madara. I tell ya thing sweet! Madara is now back to life. Now if you think he was a beast before think again! It like the scent of blood make him even more deadly! Funny thing is he is missing his eyes. Which makes sense since he gave it to Obito. Once again Black Zetsu say he is the Will of Madara incarnate. I don’t know what that means but most likely we will understand how that came to be. Either way the douche bag Sasuke jumped into battle again without anyone saying anything flinging the Ameratsu at Madara. Like really…dude you is a lvl 1 noob compared to Madara. Even though Madara eyes are closed he moving like a BOSS. Like those old school karate masters.

I will teach you Kung Fu!!
I will teach you Kung Fu!!

Madara absorbed Hasirama chakra and now controls the Sage Arts. I think now that he is alive he is much more deadly. Something about mortality buddy..Funny thing is Madara look just like Goku..hmm

Goku Madara

Look Like Black Zetsu gonna go HAM on these Man!!
Look Like Black Zetsu gonna go HAM on these Man!!

Either way it look like Black Zetsu gonna deal with Minato and Kakashi. Madara well….he gonna deal with the rest lol… This is a great episode. I can’t wait to see what is gonna happen next. So stop what you are doing and go watch this episode. I assure you will love it!!

This is a real Bad Man!!!!
This is a real Bad Man!!!!

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