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What a day!!! It was a full packed day with lots of things to cover. Let me get right to it with LG!!



LG came in hard this year. They showed us their new LG Flex 2 phone. I had a chance to play with it and was quite impressed with it.



The curve really do make it feel more comfortable. I don’t know maybe because our face is curved. Now the biggest issue I have with the phone is how will I get this in a phone case. I would have to get a curved case or something lol.



They also was showing off their G2 G watch. It was quite bulky. Didn’t feel like a watch I would be rocking. Yet for those who like to feel a very heavy watch on their wrist would feel right at home with this.


I went over the smart appliances area and was in awe by a washer machine that literally could hold a conversation with you via text. Yes you could text the washer machine and it would tell you the status of the load and also allow you to shut it off. Talk about a smart washer. Now all we needed is a dryer to fold your cloths when it is done and we be jamming.



Now the most epic thing that I saw there that won’t be available for a minute. It was the curved wide screen game display. Thing was beyond sexy. I wanted to lick it……but I kept my composure. The action from the game wasn’t tearing apart or stuttering. The 21:9 ratio was a sight to behold. I asked about the price and availability and even that was unsure. Talk about a buzz kill. All I was told that it will be ready in the near future.


This year in CES there was tons! of cool robots doing the most amazing things. Now I didn’t get to see any robots that was elf aware but I did get to see some cleaning windows, cleaning the floors and even holding conversations with me. I can tell as time progress we will see the integration of actual working robots helping us in our daily lives.

The Baddest Robot I know was there!!
The Baddest Robot I know was there!!

dad with robot


This robot looks like Johnny #5 from Short Circuit...
This robot looks like Johnny #5 from Short Circuit…

Screen Shot 2015-01-10 at 4.42.07 PM

OH the presence of unmanned vehicles was in full force also. Now don’t tell anybody but we wasn’t suppose to take any photos but we didn’t read the sign.





Still no cars that hover like in the Jetsons. Yet we are getting pretty close to it. There were convertible motorcycles and really small cars. Of course we have the hybrids making a strong showing also. I won’t lie many of the cars there all had one thing in common. Integrating the internet. I don’t know how that will translate for countries that have poor internet services but it is a step in the right direction if you ask me.

smart car 1

smart car 2

smart car 3

smart car 5

smart car 6

smart car 7

smart car 8


Wearable Tech was everywhere. From rings to sewing machines making them was there. Some wearables made no sense. Like the 3D printing machine that made a very stiff looking dress. Thing had look ugly. One big hot mess. Yet the fact you can make it it was interesting. Watches

smart sewing

This is one of the dresses that the smart sewing machine made at CES
This is one of the dresses that the smart sewing machine made at CES
This blocks the radiation from all electronics..
This blocks the radiation from all electronics..

smart sewing 4

bling bling
This SmartPhone/ Watch uses a nano sim and works very well. Only thing is you have to talk to your watch like Micheal Knight…


CES 2015 was packed full with many more things that I don’t have enough time to show. But the next blog coming will be covering the gaming section of CES. There was a few gems and also I will go in depth with Sony new hot game The Order 1886. So stay frosty till then!!